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Research Projects

"Shaping the Strategic Direction of the Surveying Profession in Sri Lanka"


Dr HMI Prasanna and Dr MDEK Gunathilaka

"This study focusses on investigating the emerging trends within the land surveying profession, its relevance and future directions in Sri Lanka. The study employed a two-stage, qualitative and quantitative research design. The first stage employs in-depth interviews with selected surveyors, educators, business professionals and government bodies followed by an online survey of all surveyors and selected educators and business professionals. This research is expected to complete in October 2018 and Dr HMI Prasanna and Dr MDEK Gunathilaka are the investigators of this research project and it is funded by Sabaragamuwa University Research Grant (SUSL /RG/2016/1)".


"Development of a Unified Vertical Reference Framework for Land and Hydrographic Surveying in Sri Lanka"


Dr HMI Prasanna, Dr MDEK Gunathilaka and Dr DR Welikanna

"This research project is funded by the National Science Foundation (RG/2017/EA & ICT/01) for two years: from 2017 to 2019. Dr HMI Prasanna, Dr MDEK Gunathilaka and Dr DR Welikanna are the investigators of this research. As in many countries including Sri Lanka, a consistent height datum across the land and sea interface is not being derived. Usually, the chart depths are referenced to Chart Datum which is usually the Lowest Astronomical Tide  and land heights are referenced to a land vertical datum like Mean Sea Level. These different vertical datums result in inconsistent datasets and create considerable difficulties in integrating and analyzing data at the coastal zones. Therefore, the solution lies in developing a separation model from which users can transform data between different vertical datums".



"An Investigation into Sea Level Rise in Sri Lankan Waters with Satellite Altimetry"


Dr MDEK Gunathilaka and Mr KKWS Kannangara

"The aim of this research project is to analyze the long term sea level changes around the Srilankan waters and to quantify the trend statistically using the observed tidal gauge data and altimetry sea surface heights. Previous studies conducted in various regions have confirmed that the sea level has risen during the 20th century and still rising at a global scale. The main driving factor is the global warming phenomenon. There are numerous impacts due to the sea level rise to the coastal environment in the future such as beach erosion, inundation of land, increase flood and storm damage, increase salinity of coastal aquifers and coastal ecosystem lost. This research is also funded by Sabaragamuwa University Research Grant (SUSL/RG/2015/2) and the investigators are Dr MDEK Gunathilaka and Mr KKWS Kannangara".