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Research Coordination Unit

The Research Unit of the Faculty of Geomatics was established in 2012 with a view of disseminating the knowledge and the practice gained through research carried out at the Faculty of Geomatics to the scientific community, and to promote research among faculty members, graduate and undergraduate students. All research projects combine fundamental, theoretical and applications of Surveying Sciences, and are supported by regional, national, and international academic and research institutions under the supervision of academic staff of the Faculty of Geomatics. Surveying Science is an interdisciplinary thematic subject in the fields of Land Surveying, Land Management, Remote Sensing, Photogrammetry, Cartography, Hydrography, Civil Engineering and Geodesy. Our faculty comprises a team of outstanding researchers and students, who are quite capable of research and development. The Research Unit ensures that the environment is always friendly so as to encourage the worthy outcomes of our researchers.