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Sport Sciences and Physical Education

Department of Sport Sciences and Physical Education

The Department of Sport Sciences and Physical Education (SSPE) is one of the five departments in the Faculty of Applied Sciences at the Sabaragamuwa University of Sri Lanka (SUSL) and is one of the fastest growing departments on university in the Faculty of Applied Sciences. The department was established on 1st of March 2011, though the Degree programmes were initiated back in 2008.

The Department of SSPE has a high reputation and has been recognized nationally as a leader in the delivery of two undergraduate full time Bachelor of Science (special) degree programmes, Physical Education and Sport Sciences and Management. The popularity of these degree programmes attract the highest qualified students to SUSL at the undergraduate level and the students are exposed to an exceptional sporting environment.

Physical Education and Sports sciences are in high demand and there are rapidly increasing jobs, as the demand for athletes to have that extra edge grows and technology grows too. There is an abundance of career options and paths for Physical Education and Sports Science graduates, including becoming a coach, psychologist, agent, personal trainer, sports therapist, analyst, teacher or work in sports government.


Course overview:

Sport science is the study of how the healthy human body works during exercise, and how sport and physical activity promotes health – physically, mentally and socially. The study of sport science calls upon and uses many other academic studies and areas, like physiology, psychology, exercise biochemistry, biomechanics and anatomy.

Topics are covered including what is happening in a sports person's body, the role of the mind in performance, nutrition, and business and sports management, to help understand the financial and operational sides of the sports industry. Teaching is conducted through lectures, seminars, laboratory sessions (to study exercise physiology and biomechanics), practical sessions (in gyms, fitness rooms, swimming pools and outdoor pitches) and independent research and study. Assessment is based on coursework (written, oral or practical exams).


Entry Requirements:

There will be an Aptitude Test which compromises three components, a written paper, a practical test and Sports Achievements evaluation to select candidates to follow the courses of study in Sports Science and Management and Physical Education on the basis of the results of G.C.E. (A/L) Examination in the respective year. In order to be eligible for admission to the above mentioned degree programmes, candidates should be qualified for university admission with at least “S” passes for three subjects available in Arts, Commerce, Biological Sciences, Physical Sciences or Technology subject streams at the G.C.E. (A/L) Examination.