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Physical Sciences and Technology


Department of Physical Sciences and Technology (DPST)


At the Department of Physical Sciences and Technology, four-degree programmes are available for undergraduates who are keen to accomplish their higher education in the particular fields they wish.

  • Bachelor of Science in Physical Sciences
  • Bachelor of Science Honours in Applied Physics
  • Bachelor of Science Honours in Chemical Technology
  • Bachelor of Science Honours in Computer Science and Technology

Mathematics, Statistics, and Management Studies are conducted as supporting tools for the program. All theoretical course units conducted by the department are heavily supported by a practical component which provides the preliminary experience to perform confidently. And also the Mini projects conducted throughout the third and the fourth academic years stimulate the students' creative and innovative thinking. Final year project (research or industrial training) for one entire semester exposes the undergraduates to the working environment and provides hands-on experience in the industry before graduation.

The environment in the university and the teaching programmes were all designed in a manner to establish this goal and also to produce specialists in their respective fields. Additionally, it is also creditable that the Department offers the only Degree in Applied Physics in the entire University System in the country.