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Student Societies

Society of Computer Sciences (SOCS) was formed with the students under the department of CIS and other undergraduates who are interested in the field of IT. The SOCS was established in 2012 with the objectives of,

  • Improving the knowledge of undergraduates on Information Technology.
  • Fulfilling human and technical requirements of Information Technology in the University.
  • Organizing Information Technological events in the University.


Sabaragamuwa University Food Science & Technology Association was established in the year 2002. It is the student association of FST undergraduates that organizes many extension and outreach activities of the Department of Food Science & Technology. Pro Food Pro Pack international exhibition, World Food Day programs, awareness programs, tech transfer workshops and tech talks are some annual events conducted by the SUFSTA.



IEEE, the world’s largest technical professional organization for the advancement of technology is dedicated for advancing technology for humanity and being within the voyage to enhance human life with the aid of technologies. IEEE student branch of Sabaragamuwa University of Sri Lanka is nurtured with the IEEE influences to enhance people life with technological advancement. The university student branch was established on 2016 and survive in infancy stage. Even though without having lot more experience branch is evolving at a high rate. For the first-time student branch hosted IEEEXtreme successfully and also branch got the most honored, valuable opportunity to host IEEE Sri Lanka Section Student/ Young Professional/ Women in Engineering Congress 2017. It is the major goal of branch is to inherit and retain high number of member and to involve with many community services thereby serve humanity for tomorrow.

Society of Technological Studies (STS) was established around the year 2003 by the Department of Physical Sciences and Technology. STS is working towards the benefit of the students under the active guidance of the academic staff members of the Department of Physical Sciences and Technology while all the Students from Department of Physical Sciences and Technology can receive full membership and graduates from that department can have the honored membership while other students who are interested in the Faculty of Applied Sciences can request partial membership. The main objective of this society is to upgrade the quality of the degree courses conducted by the Department of Physical Sciences and Technology. To transfer the information from graduates to the undergraduates to broaden their knowledge and vision is also aimed.  STS has also launched different types of workshops, seminars, and exhibitions to facilitate the technological knowledge of the students of the faculty and local community.  “Nena Pahasa”, which is a seminar series targeted for advanced level students in the region, ‘Astro-camp”, which is to make the astrology available to everyone, and several donation camps for the aid needed schools in the region are some programs organized by STS for the development of the students and local community.

SNRS is a student body that comprises of natural resource students and represents their views and interests. The society was established in 1999 with the initial membership of about 20 and has expanded overtime to include a greater membership. It functions as a platform for students to engage in NR related activities, organize and participate in events and gain firsthand experience in the NR sector by interacting with external stakeholders.  The society organizes many activities inclusive of educational programs, hosting and organizing workshops, community outreach programs and field excursions. It also acts as a link between external parties and university community who are interested in nature, biodiversity conservation and related areas. The society encourages environmental interests of individual students by encouraging and facilitating their activities. Invited talks, environmental day events organized in collaboration with government sector, interactive educational programs organized with local and foreign universities and scientists, conducting biodiversity assessments are a few activists that have been conducted over the past two years. The annual “NR Night” is one successful event which is organized by the society for the students and stuff of the faculty to have an innovative experience in the exploration of nature.