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English Language Teaching Unit

English Language Teaching Unit

English Language Teaching Unit offers a progeamme called Professional English. It is a non-credited compulsory component for the B.Sc. degree programmes in the Faculty of Applied Sciences. It is conducted during the first four semesters and it consists of four (4) parts: Professional English I, Professional English II, Professional English III, and Professional English IV. Each part is covered in one semester with fifteen weeks and two hours per week. It is compulsory for the students to get through all the four parts. The pass mark is 40% (D+). The examination rules and regulations observed in the Faculty of Applied Sciences will apply to Professional English as well.

Aims and Objectives

The course is intended to be an integrated- skills, activity-based language programme to familiarize non-native speakers of the language with the skills and strategies required for effective interaction in English.

It aims to facilitate the undergraduates to excel in their academic work as every subject is conducted in English in the Faculty of Applied Sciences. Emphasis is laid on both English for General Purposes (EGP) and English for Academic Purposes (EAP). It also aims to make the students confident in using the language appropriately, accurately and fluently in any given situation.

The Professional English Programme intends:

  • To make the undergraduates be familiar with basic and complex sentence structures / patterns
  • To introduce word classes and their uses
  • To make the students read and listen to general and academic texts for comprehension
  • To let students write short and long compositions and reports
  • To make them realize the importance of using dictionaries, glossaries and encyclopedias
  • To give the undergraduates confidence to communicate with an acceptable degree of fluency and accuracy in any given situation