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Research Groups

Natural Product Chemistry and Food Science Research Group

This research group mainly focuses on the field of medicinal plants, natural products, and functional foods. This includes the isolation and identification of biologically active substances from natural resources and the evaluation of the health effects of herbal medicinal products and functional foods.

Team Members

  • Prof Udaya Rathnayake
  • Prof. Nirmali Wickramaratne
  • Dr. Rasangi Sabaragamuwa
  • Dr. Namal Perera
  • Dr. Kapila Rathnayake
  • Dr. Thilini Kananke
  • Ms. Chosani Dalukdeniya


  1. Identification, Isolation and structure elucidation of biologically active novel natural compounds from medicinal plants and other natural resources
  2. Investigation of biological activities of functional foods
  3. Evaluation of biological potential of commercially available herbal products
  4. Development of novel functional foods

Current Research

  1. Formulation and commercialization of readily accessible food product/s for the control and prevention of diabetes mellitus- This research was supported by the Accelerating Higher Education Expansion and Development (AHEAD) Operation of the Ministry of Higher Education funded by the World Bank
  2. Evaluation of the efficacy and safety of polyherbal beverage: Fadna Easy Tea (FET)” on alleviating dysmenorrhea-In  Collaboration  with Food and Nature Private Ltd