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Applied Sciences Undergraduate Research Symposium 2022

The Faculty of Applied Sciences is proud to organize its first Applied Sciences Undergraduate Research Symposium (APSURS) under the theme of "Nurturing Next Generation Leaders of Innovation". This event will provide a platform for undergraduates to share findings of their research and potential as researchers with an extensive research and scholarly community thereby exposing them to broad academic and industrial opportunities and research collaborations with the leading industries invited to the event. The symposium will encourage students to examine local and global trends in their fields of research and to share the developments, technology, skills, knowledge, investments among others. Indeed, the organizing such event will help to undergraduates to find research or job opportunities straight away.

The APSURS symposium will be held at the faculty premises and all undergraduates of the Faculty of Applied Sciences can participate in it. They will have the opportunity to interact with the internal and external researchers and make links with them.