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Computing and Information Systems

Department of Computing and Information Systems

The Department of Computing and Information Systems offers a B.Sc. Honours Degree in Computing and Information Systems was established on 01st March 2011, though the Degree programme was initiated back in 2008. The curriculum is specifically designed to produce skilled graduates both in Computing and Information Systems. The degree program has been designed to produce graduates who are able to cater to the growing demands in the government and private sectors. The degree also paves an excellent path for postgraduate studies in related disciplines of Computer Science and Information Systems. At present, the department has five well-established laboratories and the student capacity of the department is 320.

The demand for the above degree programme has greatly increased throughout the years and annual intake reached the maximum capacity of 100 students per batch in 2017. The department has close collaborations with software industries to obtain technical support in conducting lectures and practicals as well as to provide opportunities for the undergraduates to carry out their mini projects, third-year industrial projects, and final year research projects. At present, the Department comprises six senior lecturers and five probationary lecturers. There are several eminent senior academics and industrialists who contribute as visiting Professionals by conducting lectures and practical sessions in their specialized fields.