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Objectives of Industrial Training

The fundamental objective of Industrial Training is to prepare students for future employment in their chosen engineering discipline. Industrial Training enhances the academic material studied at University by allowing students to practice what they have learned and to develop key professional attributes. Industrial training should provide an opportunity for students to:

  1. Experience the discipline of working in a professional engineering organisation
  2. Develop understanding of the functioning and organisation of a business
  3. Interact with other professional and non-professional groups
  4. Apply engineering methods such as design and problem solving
  5. Develop technical, interpersonal and communication skills, both oral and written Industrial training also gives employers an opportunity to assess future employees.

A demonstrated commitment and ability to take responsibility, make sound decisions, and apply technical skills will be highly regarded. Industrial training gives students an opportunity to evaluate future employers as well as enabling informed decisions about the discipline and career paths to follow.

It may infact help in a lot of ways including:

  1. Industrial training helps you to understand how an industry/company/organization works.
  2. Although industrial training as an engineering student would involve learning and applying technical knowledge, you also get to interact with people performing various different roles including managerial roles. Merely observing them and interacting with them gives you an idea of structures that exist in a company.
  3. Also, whether you end up liking or disliking your manager, you will end up learning something about qualities required to be a good manager yourself!