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Evaluation Criteria

  • A student following the curriculum of the Faculty of Geomatics will obtain 50% of the total mark of a course through continuous assessments including practical components (if any), and 50% through the final written examination.
  • The final written exam shall be a one-hour paper for 15 lecture hours and a two-hour paper for 30 lecture hours.
  • The continuous assessments shall have a minimum of five (05) assignments for a two-credit course and a minimum of three (03) assignments for a one-credit course, at least one of which is a group task.
  • A student need to have 80% attendance for theory class and 80% attendance for practical classes (If there is a practical component in the subject , to be eligible to apply for the written semester examination.
  • A maximum of three (03) make-up CAs for a 2-credit subject and two (02) make-up CAs for a 1-credit subject, will be conducted at the end of the lecture series. Only excused (medical certificate (submitted within 14 days) or a formal letter from university confirming participation in university activities) students are eligible to sit for the make-up CAs. In the case of a funeral, only that of the student’s parents, siblings, spouse and/or children is excused. This is the same for both CAs and semester examinations. If a student submits more than 3 medicals/excuses in the case of a 2-credit subject, and 2 in the case of a 1-credit subject, such cases will be open for discussion at the Faculty Board.
  • If the absence to a semester examination is excused (medical certificate or formal letter from university confirming participation in university activities), the student will carry his/her CA marks of the respective theory subject to whenever they sit for the examination. In the case of a subject comprising a practical examination (i.e. Computer Programming etc.), the student carries his/her CA marks, practical marks and/or theory marks of that subject to whenever they face the examination.
  • For a repeat (2nd or 3rd attempt) examination, CA or practical marks will not be considered. Instead, in the case where there is no practical component, 100% of the evaluation will be done through the examination paper. In the case of a subject with a practical examination, the student must sit both the practical and theory components, and 70% of the evaluation will be through the theory paper and 30% through the practical paper. Maximum grade for a repeat examination is ‘C’, that is 50 marks.
  • All courses conducted as seminars/workshops are evaluated through attendance, SCL activities, and report.
  • The evaluation criteria will be presented to the class by the respective lecturer/instructor as a handout on the very first day of the lecture/practical series.
  • However, the final decision of the evaluation criteria of a course, if there is a requirement for any change to above, shall be taken by the Faculty Board.


Evaluation of the Land Surveying Practical Subject

Attendance                               - 10%

Proper attire                             - 10%

Field procedure                        - 30%

Spot tests in Field Inspection   - 10%

Plan work / Computation          - 25%

Report                                      - 15%


Practical examination/Viva  - Pass / Fail

  • It is mandatory to obtain a PASS mark in the practical examination to obtain the final results.
  • The course is evaluated using a Grade Point Average (GPA) system, and the final grade with the corresponding Grade Point (GP) is given in next Table.

The final grade and the corresponding GP

Final Grade

Mark Obtained (M)

Grade Point


M ≥ 90



80 ≤ M <90



75 ≤ M < 80



70 ≤ M < 75



65 ≤ M < 70



60 ≤ M < 65



55 ≤ M < 60



50 ≤ M < 55



45 ≤ M < 50



40 ≤ M < 45



30 ≤ M < 40



M < 30


  • According to the GP obtained by the student, the GPA will be calculated as below;

where is the credit corresponding to the ith subject, and GP the grade point of the final grade of that subject.

The final GPA will be calculated as follows;

where is the total number of credits for the jth semester, and  the corresponding GPA for that semester.


Any changes to the evaluation will be done by the Faculty Board of the Faculty of Geomatics, as there is a need.

Award requirements

A student who satisfies the following conditions is eligible for the award/pass of a degree in Bachelor of Science Honours in Surveying Sciences:

Be registered by the university as a candidate for the degree programme.

  • Have completed the programme of studies for each semester to the satisfaction of the Senate.
  • A candidate must obtain at least “D” passes for all courses in each semester, securing a minimum FGPA of 2.0.
  • Shall have obtained a minimum of 'C' grades for all four Land Surveying Practical subjects.
  • Must have at least a 'C' grade for all of the compulsory subjects in his/her area of specialization.
  • Must complete within the prescribed course duration (i.e. within six years period)

Award of degree and classes


A student securing a FGPA ≥ 2.00, at the end of the degree programme and satisfying all requirements in the Section 4.1 is eligible to award of a degree.

First Class

Pass in Degree and obtain a FGPA not less than 3.70(i.e. FGPA ≥ 3.70)

Second Class Upper Division

Pass in Degree and obtain a FGPA between 3.30(inclusive) and 3.70 (exclusive)
(i.e. 3.30 ≤ FGPA < 3.70)

Second Class Lower Division

Pass in Degree and obtain a FGPA between 3.00 (inclusive) and 3.30 (exclusive)
(i.e. 3.00 ≤ FGPA < 3.30)


NOTE: To be eligible for Category-B certificate, students who followed the BSc. Hons (Surveying Sciences) (Hydrographic Surveying) must pass all modules specified by IBSC-S5 (Category B).