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Notice of Online HSK and HSKK Chinese Test

Notice of Online HSK and HSKK Chinese Test (Home Edition) - 12/03/2022

Confucius Classroom at Sabaragamuwa University of Sri Lanka will hold HSK/HSKK Online Chinese Test (Home Edition) on March, 12, 2022.



Online Chinese Test (Home Edition)

Test Date

Registration Deadline

12th March, 2022

20th, Feb, 2022

Registration Fee:


Amount (Rs)


HSK Level 1


HSK Level 2


HSK Level 3 + HSKK Primary Level


HSK Level 4 + HSKK Intermediate Level


HSK Level 5 + HSKK Advanced Level


HSK Level 6 + HSKK Advanced Level


(HSK: Chinese Proficiency Test; HSKK: Chinese Speaking Proficiency Test)

***HSK3 takers are required to take HSKK Primary Level; HSK4 takers are required to take HSKK Intermediate Level; HSK5、6 takers are required to take HSKK Advanced Level.


Online Registration:

Register first on and then pay the fee for your exam to the designated bank:

Sabaragamuwa University of Sri Lanka;

Bank of Deposit: Balangoda branch, Bank of Ceylon (BOC);

Bank Account Number: 2246976

***After you pay, please scan your payment receipt and send it to


Test Environment Requirements:

Before registration, please make sure that your system and environment meet the test requirements:

1.A computer running Windows 7/10. Screen resolution should be 1366*768 or above. Mac OS operating systems and mobile devices are not supported.

2.Network bandwidth should be 20M and speed 150KB/s or above.

3 High-definition PC camera (built-in or external; 300,000 pixels or above); the room should be well lit to ensure clear images.

4 HSKK test takers should have good-quality headphones with a microphone, which should be excellent in acoustic insulation and transmission.

5. You cannot switch on Bluetoothneither Bluetooth headset nor USB can be usedwhen you start the HSK exam client. 

6. Cross-border registration is not allowed.

***Please pay special attention: Before online registration, please ensure you are able to meet all the above requirements. The test fee will NOT be refunded if the test environment, test equipment, or other conditions are found to violate the requirements. 


For more information, please contact Chinese Test Center of CCSUSL:

Tel: +94-45-2285309 (Monday to Friday)


Address: Confucius Classroom Office - SSL - SUSL