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Department of English Language Teaching

The Department of English Language Teaching [DELT] of Sabaragamuwa University of Sri Lanka was founded in 2004, marking a milestone in Sri Lankan higher education as the very first Department of ELT of the entire Sri Lankan university system. Although, DELT – SUSL was established in affiliation to the Faculty of Social Sciences and Languages [FSSL], over the years it has extended its services to all the stakeholders of all the faculties of the university including internal and external students, academics, administrative personnel as well as non-academic staff members. Thus, the overarching objective of DELT is to cater to the English language learning needs of the entire Sabaragamuwa University Community.

In terms of its academic responsibilities, DELT currently offers General English courses for all the first and second year undergraduates of the Faculty of Social Sciences and Languages and ESP [English for Specific Purposes] courses for the Faculties of Agricultural Sciences, Applied Sciences, Geomatics, Management Studies, Medicine and Technology. The Department also has plans to introduce special Academic Writing courses to the third and final year research students of FSSL.

Another special feature of DELT – SUSL was marked in 2011 with the introduction of ESL [Now termed TESL - Teaching English as a Second Language] as a minor subject in any special degree and a major or minor subject in any general degree programme at FSSL. Plans are in progress for this to be established as a Special Degree in TESL. The primary objective of introducing such a degree is to cater to the emergent requirement of language students to follow an English degree which is not predominantly geared towards English Literature but English Pedagogy. This Special Degree Programme will envelop both theoretical and practical aspects of teaching English in Sri Lanka and thereby produce skillful graduates who can cater to the requirements in the field of English Language Teaching in Sri Lanka.

Apart from these academic related responsibilities, DELT also offers its support to other departments, faculties, administrative bodies and schools in other language-related work such as conducting language workshops and language camps, training student comperes for events, editing and proof reading, content writing and etc.

The Annual Language Camp; ADVENENGLISH, organized by DELT for the students and staff members of FSSL is a very special and unique experience of language learning which epitomizes the sort of atmosphere you find in English classes of SUSL; fun, energetic, educational and full of laughter. DELT’s approach to teaching English is founded on latest research on language pedagogy and its young and dynamic staff members constantly adapt relevant new findings to their language lessons. At DELT you find a community of lecturers and students who are ready to support your English language learning journey.

Thus, the Department of English Language Teaching has journeyed beyond the functions of a service provider entity and become a predominant and vital component of the Sabaragamuwa University of Sri Lanka.