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Department of Biosystems Technology - Target Career Opportunities

The Bachelor of Biosystems Technology Honours (BBST Hons) degree is a first of its kind, where a significant part of the program is developed towards production-based courses, related to biotechnology, biopharmaceuticals, agrochemicals, ecosystem protection, bio-machinery and alternative energy enterprises which are increasing in demand at national and international levels, so that the graduates will be moulded to fit into a wide range of industries and research institutes. 


Students are motivated and guided throughout the programme to develop entrepreneurial skills, where they could contemplate starting their own enterprises after successful completion of the degree. BST graduates can find rewarding careers in a variety of agricultural and environmental businesses.  They can focus on applying their knowledge of technology, agriculture and processing systems.  This ‘hands-on’ curriculum will enable the graduates to manage machines and equipment, biological processes, computers and other technologies to create new and improved products for the country, as well as products with export potential.  They have employment prospects at different executive and technical levels such as Production Managers, Process Controllers, Quality Controllers, Quality Assurance Officials, Product Development Officials related to plant-origin products (such as from tea, rubber, coconut, spices and tuber crops) and animal-origin products, Enterprise Resources Planners and Research & Development Officers.  These graduates will find employment opportunities in a range of industries including Biotechnology, Pharmaceutical, Bioenergy, Brewery, Cosmetic, Confectionary, Leather, Cloth, Dairy, Cereal, Fibre, Agricultural bioproducts etc.


There is a tremendous potential for outstanding graduates to join academia at national and international levels and pursue postgraduate studies, where they could expand their horizons of biosystems technology knowledge and experience.