Career Prospectus

Sport Sciences Experts
They specialize in helping individual athletes or teams to improve their sporting performance through the use of scientific knowledge, methods and applications in the areas of physiology, biomechanics, psychology, and motor control and motor development. They evaluate research, assess and advise on the technical and practical aspects of training, injury prevention, technique analysis, nutrition, strength and conditioning optimization of performance and recovery practices in all areas and at all levels of sport. 

Physical Education Experts 
Person with the degree in physical education are considered to be more be suitable for professional in field of sports. Physical Education graduates are great demand in government, semigovernment and private institute such as Sports school, various states sponsored association and organization clubs, gymnasiums, fitness centers. Now days, most of the general academic schools also employ Physical Education graduates for imparting training in specific games or sporting events.

Sport Management and Administration
Graduates who are with a Sport Management degree has specialized and well knowledgeable in areas of sport business, sport communication and recreational sport. There are high demand of job profiles and fields around the world for the graduates who are graduated from the field of sport management such as managers in brand management, sports equipment and supply, sports promotions & sponsorship, seasonal ticket management, sports blogger/ web master, sports mediator/arbitrator, social networking/community management, sports events planning, sports camp director, parks, recreation, resort & club management, entrepreneurs etc.