Other Services


Black and white photocopiers are located between the Reference I and Reference II  halls. The following is the charges for photocopying. A receipt will be issued for  every payment and it should be carefully examined to make sure that entries made  herein are correct. 

Paper Size One Side Both Sides
A4 Rs. 3.50 Rs. 4.00
B5 Rs. 3.00 Rs. 3.50



The central library established a book binding section for the purpose of internal  use. This section serves in fulfilling the administrative purposes as well. The  section, with a person that holds the post of a machine operator, is still to be  developed into a full-fledged one. Even so, the university has an economical  advantage through this service. During this year, 147 damaged books have been  repaired by this section  so far. Thus, it has given a good service for the requested  faculties/departments of the university too.Price list of spiral book binding with colour boards and transparency sheets.

Material  Price
Plastic Colour Board Rs. 35.00
Card Board Rs. 40.00
Transparent Sheet No 01 Rs. 50.00
Transparent Sheet No 02 Rs. 55.00








Spiral Size Prices
8mm / 10mm  Rs. 70.00
12mm / 14mm Rs. 80.00
16mm/ 18mm Rs. 90.00
20mm / 22mm Rs. 100.00
24mm/ 26mm Rs.120.00
28mm/ 30mm Rs. 140.00












From the proposed project, a computer network with 41 computers  were arranged with the Internet facility. Administration staff members  were given computers with the Internet facility. 


Reading Room

Just after the reference section, a reading room with 100 tables is  located where the students have the possibility to conduct group discussions if they relevant  to their studies. Seats are attached to the study carrels.