Other Services

An external photocopy service is located in the lending section of the main library (see this article to find the location). In addition to photocopying, printing (normal, photo, duplo, digital, AutoCAD, ceramic, and card) and binding services are provided by the vendor. Please see the following tables for the current charges for each service. 


Paper size One/both side price
A5 Rs. 3.00
A4 Rs. 4.00
A3 Rs. 8.00
B5 Rs. 4.00
B4 Rs. 8.00










Type Price
Normal (black & white) A4 Rs. 10.00
Normal (black & white) A3 Rs. 20.00
Normal (colour) A4 Rs. 50.00
Normal (colour) A3 Rs. 80.00







Printing prices for more document types.



Type Price
Spiral (100 pages) A4 Rs. 100.00
Spiral (100 pages) B4 Rs. 150.00
Spiral (100 pages) A3 Rs. 200.00
Spiral (200 pages) A4 Rs. 150.00
Spiral (200 pages) B4 Rs. 250.00
Spiral (200 pages) A3 Rs. 200.00
Spiral (300 pages) A4 Rs. 200.00
Spiral (300 pages) B4 Rs. 300.00
Spiral (300 pages) A3 Rs. 250.00














Binding prices for more document types.

In addition to the external binding unit, the main library has established a separate book binding section for the internal use.



From the proposed project, a computer network with 41 computers  will be arranged with the Internet facility. In addition, the library staff has been provided computers for office use. 


Reading Room

Just after the reference section, a reading room with 100 tables is  located where the students are allowed to conduct group discussions if they are relevant  to their studies. Seats are attached to the study carrels.