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S.No Title / Description Author ISBN URL
1 Nature Unbound Jim Igoe , Rosaleen Duffy and Dan Brockington 9781849772075


2 Adventure TourisTourism and Responsibility Ralf Buckley 9781856178358 http://www.tandfebooks.com/isbn/9781856178358
3 Tourism and Responsibility Martin Mowforth , Clive Charlton and Ian Munt 9780203934401 http://www.tandfebooks.com/isbn/9780203934401
4 The Ethics of Tourism Development Mick Smith and Rosaleen Duffy 9780203634325 www.tandfebooks.com/isbn/9780203634325
5 Tourism and Postcolonialism Edited by Michael C. Hall and Hazel Tucker 9780203392270 www.tandfebooks.com/isbn/9780203392270
6 Tourism and Innovation Michael C. Hall and Williams Allan 9780203938430 http://www.tandfebooks.com/isbn/9780203938430
7 Tourist Experience Edited by Richard Sharpley and Philip Stone 9780203855942 www.tandfebooks.com/isbn/9780203855942
8 The Study of Tourism Richard Sharpley 9780203885048 www.tandfebooks.com/isbn/9780203885048
9 Critical Issues in Ecotourism James Higham 9780080488608 www.tandfebooks.com/isbn/9780080488608
10 Ecotourism David A. Fennell 9780080940182 www.tandfebooks.com/isbn/9780080940182
11 Environment and Tourism Andrew Holden 9780203991930 www.tandfebooks.com/isbn/9780203991930
12 Events Feasibility and Development William O'Toole 9780080940595 www.tandfebooks.com/isbn/9780080940595
13 Handbook of Marketing Research Methodologies for Hospitality and Tourism Ronald A. Nykiel 9780203448557 www.tandfebooks.com/isbn/9780203448557
14 Hospitality Business Development Ahmed Hassanien, Edinburgh Napier Crispin Dale, Alan Clarke, 9780080884981 www.tandfebooks.com/isbn/9780080884981
15 Qualitative Research in Tourism   9780203642986 www.tandfebooks.com/isbn/9780203642986
16 Marketing Island Destinations Edited by Sherma Roberts and Acolla Lewis-Cameron 9780123849106 www.tandfebooks.com/isbn/9780123849106
17 Tourism and National Parks Edited by Warwick Frost and C. Michael Hall 9780203884201 www.tandfebooks.com/isbn/9780203884201
18 The Ecotourism-Extraction Nexus Edited by Bram Büscher and Veronica Davidov 9780203384855 www.tandfebooks.com/isbn/9780203384855
19 Political Ecology and Tourism Edited by Sanjay Nepal and Jarkko Saarinen 9781315723471 www.tandfebooks.com/isbn/9781315723471
20 Rainforest Tourism, Conservation and Management Edited by Bruce Prideaux 9780203087183 www.tandfebooks.com/isbn/9780203087183
21 Understanding and Managing Tourism Impacts C. Michael Hall and Alan A. Lew 9780203875872 www.tandfebooks.com/isbn/9780203875872
22 Sport and Tourism James Higham and Tom Hinch 9780080942643 www.tandfebooks.com/isbn/9780080942643
23 Tourism and Agriculture Edited by Rebecca Torres and Janet Momsen 9780203834404 www.tandfebooks.com/isbn/9780203834404
24 Tourism and Hospitality in the 21st Century   9780080519395 www.tandfebooks.com/isbn/9780080519395
25 Planning Research in Hospitality & Tourism LeventAltinay and AlexandrosParaskevas 9780080555942 www.tandfebooks.com/isbn/9780080555942
26 Tourism Management Stephen J. Page 9780080481425 www.tandfebooks.com/isbn/9780080481425
27 Nation Branding Keith Dinnie 9780080554570 www.tandfebooks.com/isbn/9780080554570
28 Student's Guide to Writing Dissertations and Theses in Tourism Studies and Related Disciplines Tim Coles, 9780203078785 www.tandfebooks.com/isbn/9780203078785
29 Human Resource Management for the Event Industry Lynn Van Der Wagen, and Lauren White 9781315851969 www.tandfebooks.com/isbn/9781315851969
30 Human Resource Management for the Hospitality and Tourism Industries Dennis Nickson 9780080469461 www.tandfebooks.com/isbn/9780080469461
31 Human Resource ManagTourism Policy and Planningement in the Hospitality Industry Michael Boella, and Steven Goss-Turner 9780080458052 www.tandfebooks.com/isbn/9780080458052
32 Tourism and Entrepreneurship JovoAteljevic, and 9780080942728 www.tandfebooks.com/isbn/9780080942728
33 Tourism Policy and Planning Tourism Policy and Planning 9780080942506 www.tandfebooks.com/isbn/9780080942506
34 Issues in Cultural Tourism Studies Melanie Smith 9780203869857 www.tandfebooks.com/isbn/9780203869857
35 Tourism Geography Stephen Williams, and Alan A. 9780203197554 www.tandfebooks.com/isbn/9780203197554
36 Sports Marketing Larry DeGaris 9780203097618 www.tandfebooks.com/isbn/9780203097618
37 Consumer Behavior in Travel and Tourism Kaye Sung Chon , Abraham PizamandYoelMansfeld 9780203047613 www.tandfebooks.com/isbn/9780203047613