1. Workshop for the Development of Examination Code of Practice for the Faculty of Applied Sciences - for Academic, Academic Supportive. Administrative and Non-Academic staff members of the Faculty.
    16.08.2017 Mini Auditorium, Faculty of Applied Sciences

  • To familiarize with and analyze the existing by-laws and code of practice related to examinations
  • To discuss the necessary by-laws and practices/guidelines need to be developed to meet the needs of Quality Assurance
  • To develop draft code of practice for examinations based on the requirements
  • To develop an action plan for implementing the code of practice
  1. Workshop on reforming practical lessons of the Faculty of Applied Sciences- for Academic and Academic supportive staff members of the Faculty
    29.11.2017-30.11.2017 National Holiday Resort, Bandarawela

  • To analyze the existing practical schedules offered by the five departments of the Faculty
  • To discuss the required and possible changes of new practical components with available technology and resources (newly purchased equipment and apparatus) to cope with the current trends and reflect industry requirements
  • To develop reformed practical schedules based on the identified requirements
  • To develop and enhance the assessment criteria for practical sessions and report writing system
  1. Workshop on Good Laboratory Practices – for the Technical Officers and Lab Attendants December 2017