The industrial Training Unit, Department of Physical Sciences and Technology is an independent unit which is making arrangements to offer industrial training placements for all undergraduates under the three Degree disciplines namely Computer Sciences, Physics and Chemistry.

It is compulsory that all undergraduates after completion of their Year III, Semester II examinations eligible to do undergo 24 weeks of industrial Training (PST42801/ PST42802/ PST42803) and obtain minimum 8 GPA credits.  During this period, the undergraduates are supposed to learn how the theoretical principles learnt in the class room could be applied practically and demonstrate the skills, knowledge and attitudes needed for an effective start of their working profession.

Training Places List  For Suggestions


Dr. R. K. Kapila Tharanga Rathnayaka
Senior Lecturer,
Department of Physical Sciences & Technology
Faculty of Applied Sciences
Sabaragamuwa University of Sri Lanka

Tel: 071-6324516 / 045 3454527