Alumni Details


 Dr. K.M. Surangani Bandara - 2003 / 2004 Batch

 Faculty of Geomatics, Sabaragamuwa University of Sri Lanka

When I was in the Department of Physical science and Technology at SUSL, I experienced a new world opened to me. I was excited and excelled academically by the encouraging environment. I really appreciate every single instant I spent at SUSL. Things I learnt during my time at SUSL was very much applicable to Geotechnical Engineering. I am confident that this degree is a great help to me in my profession and my postgraduate studies. It is a major milestone in my life.  I feel proud to be a member of the Alumni and will always be part of  SUSL.


     Mr. W. D.M Sampath - 2004 / 2005 Batch

  Research Officer - Rubber Research Institute of Sri Lanka

Innovation is essential for sustainable development of the country. Hence university education is a ladder for that. I think that the Department of  Physical Sciences and Technology, Faculty of Applied sciences, Sabaragamuwa University of Sri Lanka is an education partner of my life and it is a primary key of my life in rubber technology. 


    Mr. K.M. Nilantha Bandara - 2010/2011 Batch

  Software Engineer - Software Division of Dialog Axiata

As a fresh special degree holder in Computer Science and Technology in early 2016, I was delighted to choose my career in Software Engineering field. The updated and well-designed syllabus, qualified lecturers and other facilities were the foundation of my success in career.   The exposure that I have earned from my university life was helpful for me to enhance soft skills in leadership, teamwork, time management and communication. Extracurricular programmed for students in the university, including career guidance, workshops, entertaining activities are beneficial for us to develop important transferable skills which helped me to throughout my career.