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Laboratory Facilities

Since the Faculty of Technology is functioning currently at a temporary building at main university premises, we have established only 4 fully fledged laboratories temporarily. They are as follows:

  1. Biology Laboratory
  2. Chemistry Laboratory
  3. Computer Laboratory
  4. Physics Laboratory

Once we move to the new faculty complex, we are going to establish 14 laboratories, 4 workshops and a drawing room which are proposed as follows:

  1. Mechanical Laboratory
  2. Automobile Laboratory
  3. Electrical Laboratory
  4. Bio-energy Laboratory
  5. Bio-Technology Laboratory
  6. Pharmacology Laboratory
  7. Pharmaceutical Laboratory
  8. Microbiology Laboratory
  9. Computer Laboratory
  10. Chemistry Laboratory
  11. Biology Laboratory
  12. Physics Laboratory
  13. Research Laboratory
  14. Production Laboratory
  15. Automobile Workshop
  16. Mechanical Workshop
  17. Additional Workshop which is to be designed as a vehicle servicing area
  18. Wood Workshop
  19. Drawing Room