Industrial and Academic Collaborations

Industrial Training 

Students need to have an Industrial Training related to Information Systems at a relevant Industry.  The duration of the project period should be minimum15 weeks. A project report should be submitted at the end of the semester and should be presented and defended by the respective student in front of an Examination Committee appointed by the Department. Throughout the degree program, the students get the opportunity to have industrial visits as well.


Academic Collaborations with Nagaoka University of Technology

The Department of Computing and Information Systems organized a Guest Lecture by Professor Yuta Nishiyama, an Associate Professor from the Department of Information and Management Systems Engineering, Nagaoka University of Technology (NUT), Japan. The event which took place at the Faculty of Applied Sciences on 7th March 2019 aimed at further strengthening the collaborations between NUT and SUSL.

You can find the lecture slides here:

Lecture Slides.pdf

Opportunities at NUT for SUSL students:

Applications need to be processed through the University and therefore please contact the Department of Computing and Information Systems for further information.