Cloud Hack 2017 (Cloud-based Hackathon)
Organized by the IEEE Student Branch of the University of Colombo School of Computing 




Position: Runner-up

Team Members

B.M.S.D. Basnayaka (team leader)
H.M.B. Priyabhashana
A.M.S.M. Alahakoon
A.H.D. Dharshana



CloudHack’17 is organized by the IEEE Student Branch of the University of Colombo School of computing with the collaboration of Google Developer Group Sri Lanka. The primary intention of the event is to implant the potential of cloud computing as a powerful tool in developing solutions having real world implications and demanding computational requirements.The challenge would expose undergraduates to the practical applications of the theoretical knowledge in cloud computing.The main theme of CloudHack’17 is centered on techniques and concepts of Cloud Computing under which falls many cloud related topics. Our main goal is to give participants a vast coverage on cloud related developments in the industry. 






Team: SUSL Haqueens
Position: 2ndplace

Team: SUSL Fightress
Position: 3rd place




SHECODERess is a hackathon competition to motivate young talented girls for coding which is organized by IEEE Women In Engineering, Uva Wellassa University of Sri Lanka.180 girls in 60 teams from 8 universities around Sri Lanka participated in the competition.

SUSL Haqueens
D.M.A.M. Dissanayaka
U.A.K. Madushika
S.K. Hettikankanama

SUSL Fightress
W.N. Sandeepani
D.N.S. Jayasinghe
K.I. Sewwandi

IFS CodeKombat Hackathon
Organized by- IFS pvt. Ltd


Position won: 1st runners up 

Team name: Sabra Ronins

Team Members: M.W.A.C.S.Muthukuda

 Asanka D Jayasinghe,





IFS CodeKombat is a special Hackathon organized by the IFS pvt. Ltd to celebrate their 20th anniversary. It was a very competitive one focused specially on the efficiency of algorithms written in JAVA and evaluated in an interesting way by using the Robo Code virtual robotics platform.