Centers of excellence in sustainable tourism to boost economic development and enhance university-business cooperation in Southern Asia.

Centre of Excellence in Sustainable Tourism to boost economic development and enhance university business cooperation in Southern Asia is a funded project by Erasmus+ Capacity Building in Higher Education initiative.


To be the pioneer knowledge hub and action centre for sustainable tourism education and management in Sri Lanka.


To assist the sustainable tourism development through comprehensive education and training with the formulation of policies, plans, and programs to promote the Sri Lankan tourism industry as a major socio-economic activity where the benefits of tourism deliver to a wider community with the cooperation and collaboration to support to meet the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).



To promote sustainable tourism concepts and transfer knowledge on sustainability in tourism development to create long-term change in the industry and upgrade the knowledge of HEIs in India, Nepal, and Sri Lanka to ensure high quality in teaching.


To enhance the university-business cooperation in the tourism industry to foster the concept of ST and tourism development, increase teaching quality, and in the long run to increase the employability of graduates due to an up-to-date education.


Another benefit for all members of the CESTour consortium is the student case challenge which focuses on increasing university-business cooperation and the employability of the students.


Internationalization of HEIs and countries having limited access to international cooperation in research and capacity building.


The Work Packages


Status-quo analysis of the status of sustainable tourism efforts in India, Sri Lanka, and Nepal including a good practice catalog


Sustainable Tourism Knowledge Transfer


Technical Instalment of the Centres of Excellence for Sustainable


Operational integration of the centres of excellence for sustainable tourism


Innovative Sustainable Tourism Case Challenge


Quality & Ethics Control


Dissemination and Sustainability


Project Management


Major Outcomes of the CESTour Project

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Analysis of the current status of the tourism industry and identification of sustainable tourism efforts in Nepal, India and Sri Lanka.

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Capacity building of experts on sustainable tourism development through practical training creation and implementation.

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Implementation and operation of seven centers of excellence for sustainable tourism at partner universities.

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Development of cooperation HEI-Company and students learning experience by developing innovative sustainable tourism case studies.

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Development of collaboration network among EU and Asian HEIs and tourism professionals


Centers of Excellence in sustainable tourism to boost economic development and enhance university-business cooperation in Southern Area/CESTour is project funded by Erasmus+, European Union and aims to build and promote sustainable tourism practices on a regional and national level in Nepal, Sri Lanka and India.

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