Centre for Computer Studies

The Centre for Computer Studies provides many IT related academic and technical services to the Sabaragamuwa University of Sri Lanka. The centre has been conducting and supervising academic programmes of different faculties, preparing IT curricula and providing training for academic and nonacademic staff as well as academic supportive staff. The CCS has been providing University web service and email facility for the entire university community. Campus-wide Internet and networking facility, virtual learning environment with other network services, e-learning facility and hardware software maintenance services are the technical services provided by the Centre for Computer Studies.

The campus–wide network contains more than thousand computers and computer related equipments such multimedia projectors, IP phone network, video conferencing unit for academic, administrative and office activities. All maintenance activities, technical planning and evaluations for advance improvements of hardware infrastructure and software environments are obtained by the technical staff of the centre with its online problem solving system. The academic activities are conducted by a qualified academic staff including senior lecturers, lecturers and instructors while providing all kinds of technical assistance by the network administrators and technical assistance staff. The Centre for Computer Studies, through its friendly staff, serves the whole student community of the university throughout their academic programme.