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Certificate Course in Networking

Most of the public and private sector organizations use LANs (Local Area Networks) for their organizational computing activities. But in most places employees who are working in networking environments do not have necessary basic skills to maintain and configure them on their own to suit their requirements. This course is specially designed for addressing these kinds of issues.


The course runs for six months. At the end of the course, students will sit for the examination. Classes are scheduled to be held in weekends only. There will be 5 tuition hours a week.


Aims & Objectives

 To provide the participants with a broad knowledge of installing, maintaining and troubleshooting of LANs in their working environment.


Pass the G.C.E (A/L)


Pass the G.C.E (O/L) with six passes and four credits including English and Mathematics


currently an employee of the related field or experience in the field


An equivalent qualification in the field acceptable to the course coordinator

Procedure for applying and conducting the Course

Participants who are eligible for the course can apply as per paper advertisement. The training method consists of delivering lectures on special topics as well as doing hands-on practical in the classroom. Students should participate in five hours theory with hands-on practical class per week under the supervision of the instructor in weekends.

Course Fees

Application Fee:            Rs. 500.00
Course Fee:             Rs. 12,400.00           

Participants can pay the course fee in two installments as follows. 
At registration              Rs.6400.00
At the middle                Rs.6000.00

Course Coordinator

Mr. N J Malraj Silva

Telephone: 045-2280179

Course Secretary


Telephone: 045-2280179


Subject Name

Allocated hours

Network Installation and Maintenance 48 hours
Software Installation and Configuration 36 hours
Troubleshooting 36 hours


Evaluation Criteria

Course will be evaluated using the continuous practical assessments (weighted 40%) during the period of conduct and the marks of a final written examination (weighted 60%). To award a certificate student should obtain at least 'C' pass after the evaluation criteria.

Grading Procedure

Marks Range


0 - 29

30 - 39


40 - 59


60 - 74


75 - 100


Awarding Final Grades

An achievement certificate will be awarded by the University to participants who satisfy the evaluation criteria. Those who get the average marks 40 or more will be eligible for the Certificate.


  Final average marks should be 75 and above


  Final average marks should be 65 - 74


  Final average marks should be 55 - 64


  Final average marks should be 40 - 54

Note: Those who got the average marks less than 40 are considered as failures. In order to get the certificate they will have to pass the examination within not more than two sittings. The maximum marks given for repeat papers will be 40 for such candidates.



Mr. N.J.Malraj Silva Research Interests
BSc (Peradeniya), PG Dip. in Computer Technology/ MSc in Computer Science (Colombo) Communications Networks
Lecturer in Computer Science E-learning
E-Mail : Data Warehousing & Data Mining
Phone : +94(0)45-2280179 Internet-based Technologies
Mr. H.K.Salinda Premadasa Research Interests

BSc (Kelaniya), MSc in Computer Science (Kelaniya) Sensor Networks
Lecturer (Probationary) Data Security
E-Mail : E-learning Technology
Phone : +94(0)45-2280179