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Workshop on creating gender awareness

The Gender Equity and Equality Cell in conjunction with the quality assurance cell of the Faculty of Technology has organized a one-day training workshop on creating gender awareness with the objective of fulfilling the Gender Action Plan of STHRD project. The target group of this workshop is academic/non-academic staff of the Faculty of Technology and limited number of academic staff from other faculties. The workshop was conducted by the following Social Development and Gender

1. Ms. Nadiya Najab
Nadhiya has worked in the development field for over 10 years with experience in conducting research and evaluations. These projects have looked at post-war resettlement experiences and assistance programmes, access to services, labour migration, and livelihood opportunities for marginalized and vulnerable groups with a strong gender focus. I am experienced in conducting monitoring and evaluation activities using the MEAL framework, as well as developing policy recommendations which are evidence-based and unbiased. At present, Nadhiya is employed at the Centre for Poverty Analysis (CEPA). 

2. Mrs. Ranmini Vithanagama
Ms. Ranmini Vithanagama is a full-time gender and social inclusion consultant to the SLRM of Sri Lanka. She is also a senior researcher at the International Centre for Ethnic Studies (ICES), Sri Lanka. Her ressearch interests span women’s labour force participation and other topics related to women's economic empowerment and issues of social exclusion and vulnerability including disability and internal displacement. She has also conducted research related to topics on religious coexistence and social inclusion in Sri Lanka. She is also a freelance financial analyst with a special interest in the banking and telecommunication sectors. 

The workshop was funded by the STHRD project and the workshop was held at the Staff Development Center on 5th May 2022, from 9.00 am onwards.