Dr. MDEK Gunathilaka

Senior Lecturer


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  • PhD in Hydrography, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia.

    MSc in Hydrography, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia.

    BSc in Surveying Sciences, Sabaragamuwa University of Sri Lanka.


  • Dr. M.D.E.K. Gunathilaka a Senior Lecturer at the Department of Surveying and Geodesy, Faculty of Geomatics at the Sabaragamuwa University of Sri Lanka. His main responsibility is teaching Hydrographic Surveying subjects and conducting related practical components for undergraduate and postgraduate students. His research interests are in the field of Hydrographic Surveying and Spatial Sciences. Apart from that, he is the programme coordinator for BSc in Surveying Sciences Specialisation in Hydrographic Surveying (IBSC FIG/IHO/ICA Category B). Further, he is a member of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (MRICS) and Member of the Australasian Hydrographic Society. In 2022, Dr. Gunathilaka appointed as the chair of the commission 4 (on hydrography) of International Federation of Surveyors (FIG) for the term of 2023 to 2026.

    Research Interests

  • Climate Change, Sea Level Rise and Coastal Innundation Modelling

    Tidal Studies

    Swath Sounding Systems

    Marine Spatial Data Infrastructure

    Offshore Navigation and Positioning


    Current Research Projects

  • Co-investigator : An Assessment of Tidal Asymmetry around the Sri Lankan Coastline, (with National Hydrographic Office of Sri Lanka, NARA) 2020-2021.

    Principal Investigator: An Investigation into Sea Level Rise in Sri Lankan Waters with Satellite Altimetry, Sabaragamuwa University Research Grant 2016 - SUSL/RG/2015/16 – Rs. 195,000.00

    Coinvestigator: Development of a Unified Vertical Reference Framework for Land and Hydrographic Surveying in Sri Lanka - National Science Foundation Research Grant 2017 – RG/2017/EA/ &ICT/01 – Rs. 1,653,280.00

    Coinvestigator: Diffusion of Survey Profession in Sri Lanka, Sabaragamuwa University Research Grant 2016 - SUSL/RG/2016/15 – Rs. 792,500.00

    Recent Publications

    1. Gunathilaka, M.D.E.K., Wishwajith, K.L.K.K. & Rathnayake, R.M.D.I. Satellite derived bathymetry for rapid investigation for possible navigational channel design for coastal wind farm installation: a case study at Silavathurai, Sri Lanka. Discov Appl Sci 6, 54 (2024).        
    2. Gunathilaka, M.D.E.K., Karunathilaka I. & Perera A.N.D. (2023). Developing an Algorithm to Improve Positioning Accuracy of Low-Cost Global Navigation Satellite System Modules, Journal of Applied Geospatial Information (JAGI), 7(2), pp 1050-1058. DOI:
    3. Fernando, P., Lewis, S., Perera, A., & Gunathilaka, M. (2023). Resolving problems in symbol identification in compilation of electronic navigational charts utilising paper charts, The Journal of Navigation, 76(2-3), pp. 394 – 411. DOI:

    4. Prasanna, H.M.I., Gunathilaka, M.D.E.K. & İz, H. B (2023). Sea level variability at Colombo, Sri Lanka inferred from the conflation of satellite altimetry and tide gauge measurements, Journal of the National Science Foundation of Sri Lanka, 51(2), pp 205-214. DOI: 10.4038/jnsfsr.v51i2.10713

    5. Prasanna, H.M.I. and Gunathilaka, M.D.E.K. (2022). Detection of GPS-levelling datum variation using heterogeneous data: A case study in Sri Lanka. Journal of Geospatial Surveying, 2(1), pp.1–6. DOI: 10.4038/jgs.v2i1.34

    6. Perera, A.N.D. and Gunathilaka, M.D.E.K., 2022. Rapid Assessment Survey Using Side Scan Sonar: International Obligations and Role of Hydrography in Ensuring Safety of Navigation – Case Study of the Aftermath of MV X- Press Pearl Incident. Journal of Geospatial Surveying, 2(1), p.7-10.DOI:

    7. Gunathilaka M.D.E.K. and Kannangara W.S. (2021). An Investigation into Sea Level Rise in Sri Lankan Waters with Satellite Altimetry. Journal of Geospatial Surveying, 1(2), pp.14–22. DOI: http://10.4038/jgs.v1i2.30

    8. Prasanna H.M.I., Gunathilaka M.D.E.K. and Welikanna D.R. (2021). Development of a unified vertical reference framework for Land and Hydrographic surveying in Sri Lanka, Marine Geodesy, DOI: 10.1080/01490419.2021902889.
    9. Gunathilaka, M.D.E.K., and Ratnayake, R.M.D.I. (2020). An Analysis of Tidal Asymmetry around Sri Lankan Coastline, Invited Paper. KL Geo Hydro 2020, Webinar, 7-8 December 2020.
    10. Abeyrathna, H.M.S.P., Gunathilaka, M.D.E.K., and Perera, A.N.D. (2020). A Geo-Physical Investigation into the Colombo Port Seabed using Sub Bottom Profiler. KDU IRC 2020, Ratmalana, 10-11 September 2020.
    11. Semasinghe, S.N.S.B.R.L., Kumara, G.L.T., Gunathilaka, M.D.E.K., and Ariyarathne, R.K.A. (2019). Establishment of Hydrographic Datum for Mandaitivu Island for National Charting. KDU IRC 2019, Ratmalana, 11-12 September 2019.
    12. Nilanjana, K.M.G., Thanusan, K., Puveenthiran, M., Anushan, R., and Gunathilaka, M.D.E.K. (2019). Computation of Luni-tidal Interval in East and West Coast of Sri Lanka, NARA Scientific Sessions 2019, National Aquatic Research Agency Colombo, 26 July 2019.
    13. Aziz, K.N.A., Mahmud, M.R., Hasan, R.C., Gunathilaka, M.D.E.K., Peter, B.N., Tajam, J., Roslani M.A., and Kamaruddin, S.A.  (2018). Water Column Features and Seafloor Characteristics Using Simultaneous Multibeam Water Column Detection. Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology (JAMT), vol. 12, no. 2, December 2018.
    14. Gunathilaka, M.D.E.K. (2018). Towards a Professional Bachelor’s Degree: Faculty of Geomatics, Sabaragamuwa University of Sri Lanka. The 10th Higher Education International Conference on Innovation and Developments in Teaching and Learning Quality Assurance, November 20-22 Macau 2018.
    15. Gunathilaka, M.D.E.K., Kannangara, K.K.D.W.S., and Samarapperuma S.A.H.M. (2017). Estimation of Sea Level Rise in Colombo with Satellite Altimetry Data. KDU IRC 2017, Ratmalana, 3-4 August 2017.
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