Mr. AND Perera

Senior Lecturer


Email :

Fax : 0453453071


  • Academic:

    B.Sc Physical Science, University of Colombo Sri Lanka.

    M.Sc ( Applied Electronics ), University of Colombo Sri Lanka.


    Hydrographic Surveying CAT B (FIG/IHO), International Maritime Academy (IMA) Italy.

    Hydrographic Surveying CAT A (FIG/IHO/ICA), University Technology, Malaysia.

    Research Interests

  • Data Acquisition Instrumentation Development.

    Seabed Calcification,

    Satellite derived bathymetry

    Recent Publications

  • 1. Gunathilaka, M.D.E.K., Karunathilaka I. & Perera A.N.D. (2023). Developing an Algorithm to Improve Positioning Accuracy of Low-Cost Global Navigation            Satellite System Modules, Journal of Applied Geospatial Information (JAGI), 7(2), pp 1050-1058. DOI:

    2. Fernando, P., Lewis, S., Perera, A., & Gunathilaka, M. (2023). Resolving problems in symbol identification in compilation of electronic navigational charts                  utilising paper charts, The Journal of Navigation, 76(2-3), pp. 394 – 411. DOI:

    3.  Perera, A.N.D. and Gunathilaka, M.D.E.K., 2022. Rapid Assessment Survey Using Side Scan Sonar: International Obligations and Role of Hydrography in                  Ensuring  Safety of Navigation – Case Study of the Aftermath of MV X- Press Pearl Incident. Journal of Geospatial Surveying, 2(1), pp.7–10.                                      DOI:

    4. Abeyrathna, H.M.S.P., Gunathilaka, M.D.E.K., and Perera, A.N.D. (2020). A Geo-Physical Investigation into the Colombo Port Seabed using Sub Bottom Profiler.      KDU IRC 2020, Ratmalana, 10-11 September 2020.

    5.  Kulathunga,R.M.N.P., Gunathilaka,M.D.E.K., and Perera,A.N.D.,Development of a tool to supplement efficient compilation of Electronic navigational Chart               utilizing Paper Chart, Proeeding of the National Aquatic Resources Research & Development Agency (NARA) Scientific Sessions, 17th December 2020, PP 54.

    6. Wijesundara W.A.A.P., Rathanyake R.M.D.I., Perera A.N.D. (2017). Derivations of high resolution bathymetric from Multispectral Satellite imagery, Proeeding of      the National Aquatic Resources Research & Development Agency (NARA) Scientific Sessions, 27th July 2017, PP 29.

    7. Perera A.N.D., Ranaweera S.R.C., Weligodapitiya R.H.P., Devinda W.H.R.K. and Gafoor A.R.A. (2005). Post Tsunami Bathymetric changes in Fishery Harbours,        Proceedings of the International Workshop on Fisheries and Aquatic Research in Sri Lanka, National Aquatic Resources Research and Development Agency,                Colombo Sri Lanka : PP 34.