Professor S Jayasinghe

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  • MBBS (Colombo), MD (Colombo), MRCP (UK), MD by thesis (Bristol), FRCP (London), FCCP,  PhD by thesis (Colombo),


  • Professor Saroj Jayasinghe, MBBS, MD (Colombo), MRCP (UK), MD by thesis (Bristol), FRCP (London), FCCP, PhD by thesis (Colombo), and Fellow of the National Academy of Science. He was the fifth Chair Professor of Medicine, University of Colombo and one of the longest serving consultant physicians at the National Hospital of Sri Lanka.

    Prof Jayasinghe has taught many generations of undergraduates and postgraduates in Sri Lanka and overseas. He is an experienced examiner at the MBBS, MD and MRCP and supervised and examined several Masters and Doctorates by research in Sri Lanka and Australia. He was a key figure in the curriculum reforms of the Faculty of Medicine, Colombo and introduced innovations such as problem-based learning, skills laboratory and OSCEs. He helped to streamline the teaching of medicine as a discipline and helped to link its teaching at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels to a seamless progression of competencies. He chaired a committee that developed the 2016 prospectus for the MD (Medicine) that augmented assessments in communication skills, observed history taking and work-place based assessments.

    Membership of Professional Bodies/Associations

    • The National Academy of Science

    Recent Publications

    1. T Thoradeniya, S Jayasinghe (2021) | COVID-19 and future pandemics: a global systems approach and relevance to SDGs, Globalization and Health 17 (1), 1-10
    2. S Jayasinghe (2021) | Ethics and Health Communication in English: Tackling the Consequences of Colonial Era Linguicism and Racism, Asian Bioethics Review 13 (2), 245-253
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    6. B Subhani, D Wijayaratne, S Jayasinghe (2021) | Lessons from the frontlines: a junior doctor’s experience of the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic in a resource-limited setting, Medical Humanities
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    15. W Wickramasinghe, C Karunathilaka, S Jayasinghe, L Gooneratne (2020) | Transient elevation of serum ferritin in a Sri Lankan with homozygosity for H63D mutation in the HFE gene: a case report, Journal of Medical Case Reports 14 (1), 1-4
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    20. A Abeygunasekera, S Jayasinghe (2020) | Is the anti-filarial drug diethylcarbamazine useful to treat COVID-19? , Medical hypotheses 143, 109843


    • Consultant to the Department of Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, Sabaragamuwa University of Sri Lanka

    Positions Held/Hold or service Rendering/Rendering (University Level/National Level/International Level)

    • Emeritus Professor, University of  Colombo