Professor N De Silva

Senior Professor


Email :

Mobile :0777600254

Office : 0452261601


  • M.B.B.S.[PATNA] , DIPLOMA.(Med. Micro.) [COL.], MD.(Med. Micro.) [COL.] Board Certified specialist in Microbiology, ASTHE (Col.), SEDA (UK), CELTA – British Council, Colombo. Cambridge ESOL Teaching Awards

    Research Interests

    • Medical Mycology,
    • Antimicrobial resistance,
    • Medical Education


    Recent Publications

    1. V Perera, S Gamage, S de Silva, K Jayatilleke, E Corea, N de Silva., ‘Molecular analysis of genes coding for outer membrane protein 35(Omp35) and outer membrane protein 36 (Omp36) of 13 urinary isolates of carbapenem-resistant Klebsiella pneumoniae in Sri Lanka, Infection & Chemotherapy: ICIC & ISAAR, Korea, (2019), 51 (Suppl 1), S105-S106
    2. Perera PVDM, Gamage S, de Silva HSM, Jayatilleke SK, Corea EM, N. de Silva , Enne V., ‘Antimicrobial resistance genes, plasmids and virulence determinants in six isolates of betalactamase producing uropathogenic Klebsiella pneumoniae in Sri Lanka, Bulletin, Sri Lanka College of Microbiologists, (2019), Vol 17:p.10
    3. PDVM Perera, SH de Silva, SK Jayatilleke, EM Corea, N de Silva., ‘Molecular Diversity of beta-lactamasegenes in uropathogenic Enterobacteriaceae in two hospitals in Sri Lanka, Bulletin, Sri Lanka Collage of Microbiologists, (2018), Vol 16:19-20
    4. Abdul Azeez Ahamed Riyaaz, Vindya Perera, Sabaratnam Sivakumaran, and Nelun de Silva .,Typhoid Fever due to Extended Spectrum β-Lactamase-Producing Salmonella enterica SerovarTyphi: A Case Report and Literature Review, Hindawi Publishing Corporation(2018):1-25
    5. V. Perera, D. Jayasundara, V. Rajakaruna, K. Akalanka, D. Priyadarshani, N. de Silva.,‘Exploring the practices of scholary teaching and scholarship of teaching and learning (SoTL) among the academics and clinicians of SAITM and NFTH’, SAITM Medical Journal, (2018), Vol 3:p.18-20
    6. BMPI Basnayake, P Assella, SU Weerathunga, V.Perera, N de Silva., ‘Presence of residual antibiotics in urine and its effect on urine culture’, SAITM Medical Journal, (2018), Vol 3:15-17
    7. Perera, V and de Silva, N., Flipped Classroom Model for teaching and learning medical microbiology., ‘The Asia Pacific Scholar, (2017), Vol 2
    8. PDVM Perera, SH de Silva, SK Jayatilleke, EM Corea, N de Silva .,’Genotypic characterization of extended spectrum beta-lactamases produced by Enterobacteriaceae isolated as urinary pathogens from a state and a private hospital in Sri Lanka’ ,Abstract book, Conference and Scientific sessions of Sri Lankan Society for Microbiology , (2017): Vol 5:p.10
    9. BMPI Basnayake, P Assella, SU Weerathunga, V.Perera, N de Silva.,’ Study of touch screens for contamination with potential bacterial pathogens in private hospital in Sri Lanka’, SAITM Medical Journal, (2017), Vol 2:p.16-19
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    11. V Perera, D Jayasundara, V Rajakaruna, K Akalanka, D Priyadarshani, N de Silva., ‘Exploring the Practices at a Private University and a Private Teaching Hospital: Scholarly Teaching and Scholarship of Teaching and Learning’ Proceedings, Conference on Higher Education in Sri Lanka, (2017): p. 59-62



    • Consultant to the Department of Microbiology, Faculty of Medicine, Sabaragamuwa University of Sri Lanka