SUSL Staff Directory

Dr. Enoka P. Kudavidanage

Position: Senior Lecturer


BSc (hons)- Zoology- University of Colombo

MSC - Environmental Sciences - University of Colombo

PhD- Conservation Biology - National University of Singapore

Recent Publications

  1. Kudavidanage E.P., Wanger T.C., de Alwis C., Sanjeewa S. & Kotagama S.W. (2012). Amphibian and butterfly diversity across a tropical land-use gradient in Sri Lanka; implications for conservation decision making. Animal Conservation DOI: 10.1111/j.1469-1795.
  2. David Bickford, Mary Rose C. Posa, Lan Qie, Ahimsa Campos-Arceiz, Enoka P. Kudavidanage. (2012). Science Communication for Biodiversity Conservation. Biological Conservation, DOI: 10.1016/j.biocon.
  3. Enoka P. Kudavidanage, Lan Qie, Janice Ser Huay Lee, Linking biodiversity and ecosystem functioning of dung beetles in South and Southeast Asian tropical rainforests. Raffles Bulletin for Zoology 2012 Supplement No. 25: 141–154.
  4. Laurance, W. F., Useche, D.C., Rendeiro, J., Kalka M., [….], Kudavidanage, E. P. et al. Long-term ecological changes and threats in tropical protected areas. Nature. 2012; DOI: 10.1038/nature11318.
  5. Impact of invasive apple snails on the functioning and services of natural and managed wetlands. FG Horgan, AM Stuart, EP Kudavidanage - Acta Oecologica, 2014.
  6. Keeragalaarachchi, KAGP. Dharmadasa, RM. Wijesekara, RGS. Kudavidanage, Natural Antidiabetic Potential of Salacia Chinensis. World Journal of Agricultural Research vol.4 No 2. 2016.
  7. Exposure of Judo 40 alters DNA integrity and sperm function of rat and human spermatozoa. EP Kudavidanage, LDC Peiris - EPRA International Journal of Multidisciplinary Research, 2016
  8. Traditional ‘maavee’rice production in Sri Lanka: environmental, economic and social pressures revealed through stakeholder interviews, FG Horgan, EP Kudavidanage, A Weragodaarachchi… - Paddy and Water Environment, 2017