Dr. PK Dissanayake

Senior Lecturer

Agricultural Sciences

Email :

Mobile :0718566333


  • PhD (Bioproduction Science)(Postharvest physiology of Horticultural crops)Tottori University, Japan          

    MSc (Agriculture.) (Horticulture), Postgraduate Institute of Agriculture, University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka

    B.Sc. (Agriculture) honors, University of Peradeniya, Peradeniya, Sri Lanka        



    Membership of Professional Bodies/Associations

  • International Society for Horticultural Sciences: Membership number 80171 2012-2013

    Sri Lanka Association for Advancement of science (SLAAS) - from 2002- membership no 7401/B


    National Association for  Photography of Sri Lanka (NAPSL) -M-11/0467

    Research Interests

  • Postharvest physiology,

    biotechnology, biodiversity, Fruit crops

    Current Research Projects

  • Diversity analysis of Syzigium cumini (Ma Dan) from ecologically different regions in Sri Lanka for morphology, genetic, and antimicrobial activity of plant extracts

    Recent Publications

  • D.H.D.M. Sugathapala, P.K. Dissanayake and W.G.C. Wekumbura (2018). Effect of Coloured Cellophane Shading on Seed Germination, Plant Growth and Fruit Quality Characteristics of Tomato (Solonum lycopersicum L.). 2nd International Research Symposium 2018. Uwa Wellassa University. Sri Lanka 10Pg.


    R.P.D.D.Chathurangi, H.P.T.Wathsara, K.W. Samarakoon, P.Ranasinghe and P.K.Dissanayake (2018) Phytochemical Screening and Antioxidant Activities of Selected Trees of  Underutilized Fruits. 2nd International Research Symposium 2018. Uwa Wellassa University. Sri Lanka. 92Pg.



    P.K.G.S.S.Bandara, L.H.N.Perera, J.B.D.A.P. Kumara, P.K.Dissanayake. Superoxide Dismutase Gene Might Play a Major Role in Tapping Panel Dryness of Rubber (Hevea brasiliensis Muell.Arg). Abstracts of 7th Annual Research Sesion. Sabaragamuwa University of Sri Lanka. 13th December 2017.


    P.K.Dissanayake (2017) Trends of biotechnology in horticulture industry for future demands. International conference on “Recent Trends in Bioinformatics and Biotechnology for Sustainable Development” organized by Society for Bioinformatics and Biological Sciences. 12-13th October 2017.  Faculty of Veterinary Sciences and AH, Sher-e- Kashmir University of Agricultural Sciences and Technology of Jammu, R.S.Pura, Jammu , Jammu and Kasmir, India (p220)



    P. Ranasinghe, P.K. Dissanayake, Eranga M. Wimalasiri, L.M.P.R. Elamaldeniya, W.G.C. Wekumbura  (2017). Evaluation of Antioxidant Properties of Six Underutilized Edible Wild Fruits in Sri Lanka.  6th  International Conference of Sabaragamuwa University of Sri Lanka. 03rd - 05th May 2017. p 47.


    M.T.N Wickramage, K.A.C.N Seneviratne, P.K.Dissanayake (2016). Effect of Biofilmed Biofertilizers on the Development of Leaf Rot and Powdery Mildew Diseases of Gerbera jamesonii. 3rd international conference of agricultural sciences - 2016, faculty of agricultural sciences, sabaragamuwa university of sri lanka.  101-103. 8-9th December


    K.G.R. Prathibha*, T.D.M.C.K. Wijayasiriwardana, P.K. Dissanayake. (2016) Microscopic Observation and Study of Commercially Available Bee Honey Samples for the Chemical Properties as per Sri Lankan Standard Specification (SLS 464: 1979). 3rd international conference of agricultural sciences - 2016, faculty of agricultural sciences, sabaragamuwa university of sri lanka.  127-128. 8-9th December


    W.W.M.A. Iroshani, H.D.D.Bandupriya, S.A.C.N.Perera and P.K.Dissanayake .( 2014). True-to-type conformity of coconut (Cocos nusifera L.) plants regenerated through somatic embryogenesis. Sri Lanka Association for the advancement of Science. Proceedings of the 70th Annual Sessions.01-05 December,2014. 11p


    Prasajith Kapila Dissanayake, M. L. M. Chandrika Dissanayake and W. M. A. U. M. Wijesekara. (2015). Effect of Hot Water Treatments on Postharvest Life of Seeni Kesel Banana (Musa Seeni Kesel-Pisang Awak, ABB), Journal of Agriculture and Ecology Research International 2(4): 209-218,; Article no.JAERI.2015.021  DOI: 10.9734/JAERI/2015/14011



    W.M.L.S. Weerasundara, G.Seneviratne, P.K.Dissanayake, M.Seneviratne,H.K.S.N.S.Gunarathne. (2014) Microbial Biosolubilization of Eppawala Rock Posphate in the Soil. Proceedings, 2nd international Symposium on Driving Reasearch towards Economy opportunities and Challenges 13-14november 2014. 39.



    I.D.C.Sajeevika, P.K.Dissanayake and H.H.Fonseka (2014). ADAPTABILITY TESTING AND PERFORMANCE EVALUATION OF EXOTIC TOMATO VARIETIES (Lycopersicon esculentum L.) UNDER MID COUNTRY WET ZONE CONDITIONS IN SRI LANKA. International conference of Agricultural sciences,. 9th -10th January 2014. page90.



    E.M.A.Ekanayake, I.V.A.D.C.S.Induruwa, P.K.Dissanayake, T.I. Niroshani (2014) Determination of appropriate storage techniques for fresh ginger  (Zingiber officinale) International conference of Agricultural sciences,. 9th -10th January 2014. Page 85.

    Dissanayake,P.K., N. Yamauchi, M.Shigyo and S.Tanaka. (2012). PHEOPHYTIN FORMATION WITH SENESCENCE IN STORED JAPANESE BUNCHING ONION. ISHS Acta Horticulturae 969: VI International Symposium on Edible Alliaceae 189-195



    W. R. K. D. W. K. V. Wickramasinghe, W. A. A. S. Abayagunawardane and P. K. Dissanayake (2013), EFFECT OF PRESSURE INFILTRATION OF CALCIUM CHLORIDE ON POSTHARVEST STORAGE LIFE OF AVOCADO (Persia americana Mill).Journal of Agricultural Sciences. 8(2):70-75p

    Dissanayake,P.K., N. Yamauchi, M.Shigyo and S.Tanaka. (2013). Investigating Chlorophyll Degradation Mechanism in Stored Japanese Bunching onion using Allium Alien monosomic Addition Lines. Conference on Sri Lanka-Japan Collaborative Research 2013. 29th-31st March 2013 University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka. 4p.


    Godigamuwa, G.R.C.N.K., P.K.Dissanayake, and S.A. Krishnarajah. (2013) Effect of GA3 in combination withBAP on lateral shoot induction of topped Anthurium andreanum invivo.4th International Symposium. Sabaragamuwa University of Sri Lanka, Belihuloya, Sri Lanka, 11th 12th January 2013.10p.



    Dissanayake, P.K., N.Yamauchi and M. Shigyo. (2012 September). PRESENCE OF PHEOPHYTIN AND ITS FORMATION AS A CHLOROPHYLL DERIVATIVE IN SELECTED CROP SPECIES. The Journal of Agricultural Sciences.07:3. 127- 134.



    Dissanayake, P.K., Naoki Yamauchi, Masayoshi Shigyo, Shuhei Tanaka (2012). Pheophytin Formation with Senescence in Stored Japaneses bunching onion. 6th International symposium on Edible alliaceae. May 21st 24th 2012. Fukuoka, Japan.


    H.K.S.G.Gunadasa and P.K.Dissanayake. ( 2012 May). Optimization of Quality in Exoported polyscias balfouriana “Marginata” by using different shade levels. The Journal of Agricultural Sciences. 07:2. (2012 May). 58-65.



    Dissanayake, P.K., N. Yamauchi, M. Shigyo (2010). Pheophytin formation and fast chlorophyll degradation in Japanese bunching onion (Allium fistulosum) during storage. Third International symposium 26-28 August 2010. Sabaragamuwa university of Sri Lanka. 184p. (abstract). Won the Award of best presenter.



    Dissanayake Prasajith Kapila, Shigenori Yaguchi, Masayoshi Shigyo, Naoki Yamauchi. (2010). Postharvest Chlorophyll Degradation in Japanese Bunching Onion (Allium fistiulosum L.). In: Sivakumar D (Ed) New Trends in Postharvest Management of Fresh Produce II. Fresh Produce 4 (Special Issue 1),123-127(Invited Review)


    Dissanayake, P.K., N Yamauchi, M.Shigyo and S. Tanaka. Studies on chlorophyll degradation  mechanism in Japanese bunching onion with the use of alien monosomic addition lines with extra chromosomes from shallot. 2.Formation of pheophytin a as a main chlorophyll derivative during storage.Horticultural research (Japan) 8 (suppl.1) 469p. March 2009.


    DISSANAYAKE, PRASAJITH K., NAOKI YAMAUCHI, AND MASAYOSHI SHIGYO. Chlorophyll degradation and resulting catabolite formation in stored Japanese bunching onion (Allium fistulosum L.). Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture. 88. 1981–1986, August, 2008. 



    DISSANAYAKE, P. K., S.YAGUCHI, N.YAMAUCHI AND M. SHIGYO. Using Allium alien monosomic addition lines to study chlorophyll degradation in stored Japanese bunching onion. Journal of Horticultural Science & Biotechnology. 83 (3). 388–394, May, 2008.


    Gunadasa, H.K.S.G., P.K.Dissanayake, S.Subawickrama Influence of shade levels on expected quality standards balfouriana “Marginata” for Export market. 1st Annual symposium 2007. Faculty of Agricultural sciences, Sabaragamuwa University of Sri Lanka. 66p. 2007.


    DISSANAYAKE, P.K., S. YAGUCHI, M.FUKAI, M.SHIGYO AND N.YAMAUCHI. Studies on chlorophyll degradation mechanism in Japanese bunching onion with the use of alien monosomic addition lines with extra chromosomes from shallot. 1. Chlorophyll degradation and its derivatives formation during storage. Horticultural research (japan) 6 (suppl. 1). March, 2007.


    DISSANAYAKE, P. K., AND A.W. WIJERATNE. Development of varietial screening procedure for salt tolerance of rice (Oryza sativa L.) varieties at germination stage. The Journal of Agricultural Sciences. 2 (1). 63- 72.  January, 2006.


    YAGUCHI, S., P.K. DISSANAYAKE, M.FUKAI, M.SHIGYO AND N.YAMAUCHI. Effect of single alien-chromosome from shallot on chlorophyll formation and on its degradation during storage in leaf bunching onion. Journal of the Japanese society for Horticultural science. 74 (suppl. 2). 447, October, 2005.


                Dissanayake, P.K.and M.L.M.C.Dissanayake. 2001. Market and potential of the floriculture Industry in Sri Lanka. Development of floriculture industry in up country-Sri Lanka proceedings of the workshop.

    Completed Research Projects

  • Genetics and genomics of shelf life quality in leafy Brassica crops. Analyse the QTL (Quantitative trait Loci) for leaf yellowing in leafy brassica plants using double haploid TB populations. Software used: Image J, RQtl, Genstat, mapdisto, GGT Graphical genotype, mapmaker Genemarker. At Horticulture Research International, Warwick University, UK.