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The faculty of Management Studies proudly organizes the 3rd Management Undergraduates’ Research Session (MURS) under the theme of “Envisioning Young Scientists for a Resilient Tomorrow “and aims to provide a platform for enhancing and enriching the students’ research capacity to share their work across discipline and program. The annual MURS is an opportunity for management undergraduates, local and international, to present and share their research experiences with a larger community. Further, the conference will encourage undergraduates to examine global, regional, and local trends in their research fields while identifying links among disciplines. The conference is organized every year to stress the importance of research as part of academic education and to involve young academics in research of this nature at an early stage. The conference includes presentations by students from eight academic disciplines on which the faculty expertise. The conference will also be a great opportunity for all other undergraduates to sharpen their research capacity by interacting with their colleagues. The work of own undergraduate research interests is precious to peers who are curious to learn and know more about our rapidly and constantly changing world. All the presenters will receive a certificate endorsed by the Faculty of Management Studies, Emerald Publishing, and professional partners of MURS.





Important Dates 

·       Abstract Submission Deadline                 - 15th November 2021

·       Abstract Acceptance Notification            - 30th November2021

·       Full Paper Submission Deadline              - 20th December 2021

·       Full Paper Acceptance Notification         - 05th January 2022

·       Registration Deadline                               - 15th January 2022

·       Conference Date                                       - 27th January 2022

Objectives of the Conference

  1. To provide young scientists with a unique opportunity to present their research in real-time while encouraging knowledge sharing in a formal setting
  2. To provide opportunities for young scientists in management discipline to enhance their education and become integrated into the global community by actively and successfully engaging in research, creative, and scholarly projects
  3. To encourage students to publish their research findings and enhance the best papers' opportunity to be published in a book chapter of an international publisher
  4. To develop a community of accomplished teacher-scholars to provide high-quality academic support for young scientists to have successful research experiences
  5. To encourage young enthusiastic researchers to start their research journey by making a platform for them in management where they are passionate
  6. To strengthen the research culture of the Faculty of Management Studies


Scope of the Symposium 

The MURS develops transferable skills with broad application, including critical thinking, problem-solving, communication, collaboration, and independence. There are numerous benefits for young scientists who get involved in research. Research experience allows young scientists to understand published works better, learn to balance collaborative and individual work, determine an area of interest, and start their careers as researchers. It has a tremendous scope to provide undergraduates with an understanding that their research studies are unique and can benefit society. The conference welcomes full papers of undergraduates’ dissertations. Moreover, itencourages collaborative research works between the supervisor and the student.  The annual undergraduate research session on management studies welcomes research papers on the following tracks:


1.     Accounting and Finance


2.     Banking & Insurance


3.     Business Management


4.     Human Resource Management


5.     Marketing Management


6.     Tourism Management


7.     Eco-Business Management


8.     Hospitality Management

Abstract Submission Guidelines MURS 2021: (Download) Doc  


Submit your Abstract electronically to

Conference Organizing Committee

Professor K. W. Bin Awang Universiti Malaysia Kelantan, Malaysia
Professor Brian Park International Teaics School Group, Korea
Professor Athula Gnanapala Department of Tourism Management, FMS, SUSL
Professor Wasantha Rathnayake Department of Tourism Management, FMS, SUSL
Professor D.A.I. Dayaratne Department of Accountancy & Finance, FMS, SUSL
Professor M.S.M. Aslam Department of Tourism Management, FMS, SUSL
Professor D.G. Dharmarathne          Department of Accountancy & Finance, FMS, SUSL
Professor Jayantha N. Dewasiri Department of Accountancy & Finance, FMS, SUSL
Associate Professor Dr. Z.Samdin Universiti Putra, Malaysia
Associate Professor Li-Hsin Chen  National Kaohsiung University of Hospitality and Tourism, Taiwan
Mr. D. Jasingha Department of Marketing Management, FMS, SUSL
Dr. Iraj Ratnayake  Department of Tourism Management, FMS, SUSL
Dr. H.P.R. Priyankara Department of Business, FMS, SUSL
Dr. P.K.S. Munasinghe Department of Tourism Management, FMS, SUSL
Dr. T.U.I. Peiris Department of Accountancy & Finance, FMS, SUSL
Mr. Achintha Ekanayke Department of Business Management, FMS, SUSL
Conference Chair  
Mr. H.M.C.G. Bandara Department of Marketing Management
Conference Secretary  
Dr. L.M.C.S. Menike Department of Accountancy & Finance
Conference Coordinators  
Mr. R.A.C. Ushantha Department of Marketing Management
Mr. R.A.D.C. Ranathunga Department of Tourism Management
Ms. P.R.C.N. Ariyaratne Department of Business Management
Ms. B.W.C.M. Amarasena Department of Accountancy & Finance
Conference Coordinating Secretary  
Ms. J.H.A.W.N. Hettiarachchi Department of Marketing Management
Conference Treasurer  
Ms. P.A.D.D. Randika Department of Accountancy & Finance

Partners of the Conference

Author Registration Information


Please pay after the acceptance of your paper.


Type of Participant

Registration Fee


LKR 1000


USD 25


Note: It is mandatory for at least one author of an accepted paper to be registered to include the paper in the proceedings and the Technical Program.


ONE Registration Fee includes the following for the registered author:

-       The opportunity to present and participate in the technical program*

-       Printed Conference Proceeding (Abstracts)

-       Printed participation/presentation Certificates

-       e-proceeding (Full papers)


*If an author presents multiple papers, half the cost will be charged starting from the second paper. 

Note: Certificate and conference proceedings will be issued for registered and presented authors only.


Payment Details


Account No.                0003416128
Account Name            Sabaragamuwa University of Sri Lanka
Bank Name                 Bank of Ceylon
Bank Address              Bank of Ceylon, Balangoda
Swift Code                  BCEYLKLX 7010

In the deposit slip, please mention “author registration number and author’s full name”

Please send the scanned copy of the bank slip to


Please adhere to the deadlines as it is vital for better arrangement.