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01. Hiking and Trekking

The feeling of the soft earthy trail beneathyour boots, the warmth of the sun on yourface, and the sound of the wind rustlingthrough the trees provide an extraordinaryexperience. These delightful activities arealso beneficial to your health. It has beenestablished that hiking and trekking havevarious health advantages, from thephysical activity you get on the route tothe stress-relieving effects of beingoutside.

02. Camping

You might not be aware of how much you'relosing out on when you're spending time athome in your typical routine. Campingprovides several significant advantages forexperiencing nature and the great outdoors.Camping has numerous advantages for bothadults' and children's health. Stressreduction, fresh air, relationship building,physical fitness, and lack of alarm clocks aresome of the benefits you can easily attain bycamping at Ihalagalagama.

03. Back-to-the-land entertainment

Ihalagalagama farms will hold a certainattraction for those looking for family-friendlyvacation spots. A day excursion focused onagriculture gets everyone out of the city andprovides opportunities to interact withdomestic animals, plants, and nature.Nowadays, many people see the value ofteaching kids where their food originates.Additionally, many folks want to get back intouch with their roots. Excellent prospects forpractical education are provided by theIhalagalagama farm that has been put up fortourism.

04. Homestay

Living with host families in Ihalagalagamavillage while travelling is sure to elevate youroverall travel experiences. Homestays inIhalagalagama have many benefits such as anintimate cultural experience, practice using aforeign language, home-cooked meals, andincreased safety. Additionally, it implies thatyou will need to adjust to living undersupervision in a new home.

05. Forest Bathing

Trying forest bathing at Ihalagama willundoubtedly make you realize the benefits ofbeing in nature. The aids of being in naturehave long been understood. We find comfortin the noises of the forest, the aroma of thetrees, the sunlight filtering through the leaves,and the crisp, clean air. They reduce ouranxiety and stress and enable us to unwindand think more clearly. Indeed, being in naturecan improve our mood, give us more vigor andenergy, and refresh us.

06. Dark Sky Swim

Homo sapiens have viewed the Milky Wayand star constellations in the heavens forcountless generations. It provides a senseof perspective about our place in thecosmos and helps to ground us. It appearsthat interest in stargazing, nighttimephotography, nocturnal nature, and thenight sky is expanding. Ihalagalagama DarkSky Swim programme offers you afascinating dark sky tourism experience.