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Ihalagalagama, a small community inSabaragamuwa province, lies 1063 metersabove sea level. From the well-knownBelihuloya Guesthouse in Belihuloya, an off-road path leads to the settlement. If someonewants to take public transit, there are a fewbuses taking you to Landuyaya as their finaldestination, or guests can drive their ownvehicles. As of 2020, about 670 people wereliving in the Ihalagalagama Grama Niladhari(GN) division. Four villages make up this GNdivision: Ihalagalagama, Medagoda gama,Laduyaya gama, and Makele Kangama.Accordingly, there are 80 families inIhalagalagama village, and everyone is aBuddhist.

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The feeling of the soft earthy trail beneathyour boots, the warmth of the sun on yourface, and the sound of the wind rustlingthrough the trees provide an extraordinaryexperience. These delightful activities arealso beneficial to your health. It has beenestablished that hiking and trekking havevarious health advantages, from thephysical activity you get on the route tothe stress-relieving effects of beingoutside.