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Department of Physiology

Physiology enables the student to view life from the simplest to the most complex levels of organization. It answers the questions of why? and how? the human body functions, the way it does and what goes wrong? in pathological conditions. The goal of the Department of Physiology is to empower our students with problem-solving and critical thinking skills to function optimally in the future as a doctor.

Apart from the lectures and practical sessions, the Department of Physiology encourages the consolidation of knowledge through weekly assessments under exam conditions and Objective Structured Practical Examinations. We also hold sessions of student presentations each week, thereby enhancing the presentation skills, and creating an inducive environment for inquisitive learning by encouraging the students to question their peers.  In our Department, the students will be exposed to Problem Based Learning sessions which test their analytical thinking. 

The hospital visits organized by our Department provide the first years of our Faculty with the unique opportunity of being exposed to the clinical setting early in their degree, with the assistance from the Teaching Hospital, Ratnapura.