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Department of Community Medicine

The Faculty of Medicine of the University of Sabaragamuwa is committed to produce medical graduates who are proficient to deliver preventive, promotive, curative and rehabilitative care. In keeping with this mission the goal of the Department of Community Medicine is to ensure that the medical graduate acquire broad promotive and preventive public health competencies needed to promote health and prevent diseases of the community with emphasis on interventions in health promotion and disease prevention, with a global perspective, in close partnership with the health care delivery system, with active community participation and inter-sectoral coordination.


The above goal is achieved by 3 main activities.

The Department provides students with a solid foundation in Epidemiology, Demography, medical statistics, maternal and child health, nutrition, occupational health, environmental health and health promotion.

The community medicine clerkship program is designed to provide wider knowledge on preventive health care programme of Sri Lanka, while promoting integrity, compassion, altruism, commitment and the ability to work in partnership with members of the wider multidisciplinary healthcare team.

The students are also trained in conducting a simple research study, with the aim of developing research skills, with the emphasis on data collection, analysis, critical thinking, critical appraisal, scientific communication and teamwork.