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Workshop on New Generation of GIS with SuperMap - Professional Forum

In collaboration with SuperMap Software Co. Ltd., China, the Faculty of Geomatics has organized its second virtual workshop for the Professional GIS user community in Sri Lanka, for 8th International Symposium of Sabaragamuwa University of Sri Lanka 2021 (ICSUSL 2021). The opening ceremony of the workshop and the whole program of the workshop has been held on 19th and 23rd of November 2021.
The objective of the workshop is to guide the professional GIS user community towards the new era of GIS by giving real hands-on experience, through a novel GIS platform, of the branches of the new generation of GIS, enabling them to make use of it for addressing future demands and global challenges more effectively and efficiently.

Resource persons of the workshop were Mr. Obaidur Rahmano, Ms. Qin Zhang and Ms. Vella Ahalla, Technical Support Engineers from SuperMap International Asian & Oceania Center. Mini talk sessions were conducted by Dr. Saman Koswatte, Dr. Sanka Perera, Dr. Indika Pussella and Dr. Nishamanie Ranasinghe.