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FMS launches the second issue of Volume Two of the South Asian Journal of Tourism and Hospitality (SAJTH)

The second issue of Volume Two of the South Asian Journal of Tourism and Hospitality (SAJTH) was successfully launched on the 10th of January 2023. The issue was dedicated to Mr. H.G. Piyasiri, Senior Instructor in English, FMS on his retirement, appreciating the phenomenal service he had rendered to the faculty and university for three decades. Thus,  in this volume, the SAJTH has chosen to explore how to integrate technology and human resources for the development of the tourism sector in the region. The second issue of Volume Two sets out our new knowledge in tourism and hospitality through four research papers and a book review that critically investigates contemporary issues in tourism and hospitality. The travel selfies, narcissism, destination marketing, organizational dehumanization, experiential marketing through virtual reality, and the impact of COVID – 19 epidemic on the tourism sector are further discussed in this issue.

Accordingly, the first paper of the volume explores how travel selfies and tourists’ desire for narcissism create challenges to destination marketing whilst the second paper explores how Sri Lanka’s frontline employees in the hotel industry experienced and responded to organizational dehumanisation. The next paper examines how Virtual Reality (VR) can be used for experiential marketing in the hospitality industry in Sri Lanka. In addition, the fourth paper investigates the impact of the COVID – 19 epidemic on the Tourism sector of Sri Lanka while identifying appropriate strategies to rebuild the tourism sector by overcoming the pandemic. Finally, the volume consists of a critical review of the book titled “Tourism Management, Marketing, and Development” which was conducted by Marcello M. Mariani, Wojciech Czakon, Dimitrios Buhalis, and Ourania Vitouladiti.