SUSL Journal - Volume 9

Volume 9 Number 1 December 2010

  1. Call Center Employees: Is Work Life Stress a Challenge 
    G. Latha and N. Panchanatham [Article]
  2. General Ecology and Habitat Selectivity of Fresh Water Fishes of the Rawan Oya, Kandy, Sri Lanka 
    Ravindra Jayaratne and Thilina Surasinghe [Article]
  3. A Sociological Study of the Homicide in Sri Lanka: A Case Study in Rathnapura Secretariat Division 
    N.S. Jayathunga[Article]  
  4. Production of Jaadi using Tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus) and determination of its physcio-chemical and sensory properties 
    Lakshmi W.G.I, Prassanna P.H.P and Edirisinghe U. [Article]
  5. The Chinese Dragon Concept as a Spiritual Force of the Masses 
    Dharma Keerthi Sri Ranjan D.G. and Zhou Chang C. [Article]
  6. A Comparison of Nitrate Distribution in Shallow Groundwater of Two Agricultural Areas in Sri Lanka and in Japan 
    Gunatilake, S.K. and Iwao, Y. [Article]
  7. An Analysis of Errors in English Writing of Sinhala Speaking Undergraduates  
    Rohan Abeywickrama. [Article]
  8. An Analysis of Urban Growth and Urbanization in the Sabaragamuwa Province, Sri Lanka 
    R.J.M. Uduporuwa. [Article]
  9. Insecurity of Secure Land Tenure - Case of Service Tenure formalization in Sri Lanka 
    N.M.P.M. Piyasena. [Article]
  10. Supply Chain Management in the Aquaculture Industry: The Case of Food Fish Aquaculture in Sri Lanka 
    S.P.M. Jayantha and D.A.M. De Silva. [Article]