SUSL Journal - Volume 12

Volume 12 Number 1 December 2013

  1. Critical constructivist teaching in good sportsmanship through olympism education: an action based teacher education program conducted in Sri Lanka  
    Samantha Nanayakkara [Article]
  2. Enjoying elephant watching: a study on social carrying capacity of Kawdulla National Park in Sri Lanka  
    R. M. W. Rathnayake,  U. A. D. P. Gunawardena [Article]
  3. Awareness and participation of farmers in extension activities of agricultural media resources and extension centre in Ogun state  
    O. P. Fawole,  S. A. Tijani[Article]
  4. How can terrorism be prevented: special reference to “Kotiyagala village” in Monaragala district of Sri –Lanka from 1995 2009  
    H. Ranjith,  Ravindra Palliyaguruge [Article]
  5. The GoaCeylon religious connection: a review of the ‘The Indian Cry’ of Alvares Mar Julius Archbishop of Ceylon Goa and India  
    Pratima Kamat. [Article]
  6. A study on Ludwig Wittgenstein’s concept of language games and the private language argument  
    R. A. D. Weerasekara [Article]