Accommodation Facilities - Hostels

The University makes every effort to provide accommodation facilities to a limited number of students within the University hostels and in rented out houses.

Sports Facilities

University makes provision for sports for their members through amalgamated facilities. University possesses one of the best gymnasiums and international level swimming pools in Sri Lanka, giving ample opportunities for enhancing students sporting abilities. The University Gymnasium is also used for Karate, Weight Lifting, Badminton, and Table Tennis. In future we have decided to add base-ball and archery.

Some of the fields are as follows

Volleyball, Elley, Tennis (with flood-lit tennis courts), Swimming, Wrestling, Athletics, Cricket, Football,

Rugby, Basket-ball, Netball, Karate, Chess, Table Tennis, Badminton, Squash,


Canteens There is a main Canteen and many others to respective hostels, which cater mainly to the needs of students, where students may obtain food and drinks at reasonable prices. There are also canteens for each student hostel.

Students' Centre

The Student Centre provides a common meeting place for students and staff. Besides Canteen facilities, the Centre has a spacious Common room for men and women, a music room and special common rooms for women and for the clergy. The Centre provides facilities to hold exhibitions, symposia, discussions and organize lectures.


The University has three libraries. The main library located in Belihuloya serves the needs of faculties of Applied Sciences, Geomatics, Management Studies and Social Sciences. The faculties of Agriculture Sciences and Management Studies have their own libraries. The library has allocated a separate spacious reading room for undergraduate students and offers SDI services, references, lending and in-house photo copy services at reasonable prices.

Career Guidance Unit

The career guidance unit, established at the time of commencement of Sabaragamuwa National University carries out a great deal of services in the area of developing undergraduate's personalities into the new millennium.

Banking Facilities

A branch of Bank of Ceylon operates within the University premises. University accounts are maintained at this Branch which also handles all transactions. The students receive their Mahapola Scholarship installments through this branch.

Post Office

The Sub- Post Office for the use of staff and students of the University is situated along the Pambahinna - Samanalawewa road within the University. It is open from 8.00 a.m. to 4.00 p.m.