SUSL Staff Directory

Dr. WMJ Welgama

Senior Lecturer


Ph.D, (PDN) Sri Lanka - 2015

M.A. (USJ) Sri Lanka - 2007

B.A. Hons (PDN) Sri Lanka -1998

Dip. in Counseling Psychology. Institute of Psychological Studies. Sri Lanka

Certificate Course in Teaching Methodology.  SUSL. Sri Lanka.

Dip in Management and Administration. SLFI. Sri Lanka.


Dr. Jayaprasad Welgama obtained his Ph.D. from Postgraduate Institute of Humanities and Social Sciences (PGIHSS), University of Peradeniya, in Sociology being specialized in the fields of Sociology of Aging and Social Gerontology. He joined the Faculty of Social Sciences of Sabragamuwa University of Sri Lanka by the year 2001 as a temporary lecturer and subsequently promoted to the post of Lecturer (Probationary) by the year 2004. Currently he serves in the Department of Social Sciences as a Senior Lecturer. Main areas of teaching come under the sub fields of Sociology and Psychology such as Self, Family, Sexuality, Environmental Sociology, Introductory Psychology and Social Psychology, Sri Lankan Society and Culture, Research Methods and Counselling. Social Gerontology, Environmental Sociology, Family, Social Problems are the research interests. He serves as the Psychological Counsellor at Sitharana Counselling Centre extending service to both University and the outer community.


Membership of Professional Bodies/Associations

Faculty Coordinator - Internal Quality Assurance Unit, Sabaragamuwa University of Sri Lanka

Board Member - Center for Indigenous Community Studies, Sabragamuwa University of Sri Lanka.

Life Member, Royal Asiatic Society. Colombo.

Member. National Science Foundation. Colombo


Research Interests

Sociology of Aging, Social Gerontology, Family, Youth, Environmental Sociology, Social Problems

Ongoing Reserach Projects

1. The Sick Role of Elderly Cancer Patients: A Sociological Analysis. This reserach project covers elderly cancer patients represent the sample include five cancer clinics in Sri Lanka. Investigation of their sick role, adjustments and coping, rationalization of illness come as the objectives. Government reserach grant scheme for universities has accepted the initial proposal and ethical review of the reserach is being progressed. 

2. The Mountain of Love and the Rebellious Sprits of Nature.  This environmental sociological research is in progress to analyse the social factors behind the environmental issues and hazards in Samanalaweva upper catchment area. This is a pure qualitative analysis supported with in-depth interveiws and observation. 

Recent Publications

Research Publications

Welgama, W.M.J & de Silva, W.M.A. 2017. ‘Cultural- Ecological Variations of Physical and Psychological Health of Sri Lankan Senior Citizens.’ Proceedings of the International Conference on Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Ruhuna.

Welgama, W.M.J & de Silva, W.M.A.2016. ‘Properties of Positive Aging among Rural Sinhalese: An Ethnographic Perspective.’ Proceedings of the International Conference on the Humanities and the Social Sciences (ICHSS), Faculty of Arts, University of Peradeniya.

Welgama, Jayaprasad.2016. ‘The meaning of being an elderly person among the Sinhalese: an ethnographic perspective’, International Journal of Arts and Commerce Vol. 5 No. 5

Danawalavithana, Minuri & Welgama, Jayaprasad.2015. ‘Female Labour and Export Processing Zones, A sociological Analysis’. Proceedings of International Research Conference on Humanities and Social Sciences. Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences. University of Sri Jayawardenapura.

de Silva, Amarasiri & Welgama, W.M.J. 2014.' Modernization, Aging and Co residence of Older Persons: The Sri Lankan Experience'. in, Anthropology & Aging. Journal of the Association for Anthropology & Gerontology. Vol 35, No.1.

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Welgama, WM.J & De Silva, Amarasiri .2014.'Cross section of old age activity: A study on Sri Lankan Sinhalese'. Abstracts of annual research symposium. National Centre for Advanced Studies.

Welgama, W.M.J & M.W.A de Silva.2014. ‘The Sinhalese old age and religiosity'. Proceedings of the Peradeniya University international research sessions, Vol.18.

Welgama, Japarasad. 2012. ‘The meaning of elderly; the experience of Sri Lankan Sinhalese in an ethnographic perspective’, Abstracts of 5th research conference. Colombo: Royal Asiatic Society.

Welgama, WMJ & De Silva, Amarasiri. 2012. ‘Never too old’: ethnographic account of old age activity of Sri Lankan Sinhalese. Abstract of 41st annual scientific educational meeting. Canadian Association on Gerontology.

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Welgama, WMJ. 2008. ‘Family and the Sexual Identity Development of Youth: A Comparative Sociological Study of the Semi-urban and Rural Youth in Ratnapura District of Sri Lanka’.2nd International Symposium Proceedings. Sabaragamuwa University of Sri Lanka.

Welgama, WMJ.2006, ‘The Social Ecological Perspective of Child and Adolescent Suicide: A Sociological Study Related to the Monaragala District of Sri Lanka’, 10th Anniversary International Symposium, Sabaragamuwa University of Sri Lanka, Belihuloya, pp.383-395

Welgama, WMJ & Samarakoon, JMNG.2006. ‘The Profile of Childhood Neglected: A Socio-economic Study Related to the Ratnapura District of Sri Lanka’, 10th Anniversary International Symposium, Sabaragamuwa University of Sri Lanka, Belihuloya, pp.396-401