SUSL Staff Directory

Professor S.K.Gunatilake



B.Sc.(Honors) in Physical Sciences

M.Sc, Ph.D. in Environmental Sciences

Research Interests

Water and Soil geochemistry

Waste Management

Movement of trace metals in nature and removal processes

Current Research Projects

Impact of chemico-environmental, agrogenic and climatological factors on the onset of chronic kidney disease of uncertain etiology in Monaragala District, Sri Lanka -Funded by Sabaragamuwa University of Sri Lanka from 2017-2019

Development of baseline soil information system for soil C and other nutrients for paddy growing soils in Sri Lanka-Funded by National Research Council in Sri Lanka -2017-2020

Recent Publications

  1. S.K.Gunatilake, Rohana Chandrajith (2016). Removal of Pb(II) from contaminated water using low temperature pyrolyzed agricultural and forest waste biochars – a comparatively study, Journal of Desalination and water treatment, ISSN: 1944-3994, 62,316-324. doi: 10.5004/dwt.2017.1813
  2. S.K.Gunatilake (2016). N and P variation in Groundwater in Wet Zone and Dry Zone in Sri Lanka due to Fertilization to Paddy Crop, International Journal of Scientific and Research Publications, 6(9), 1-5.
  3. S.K.Gunatilake and S. Malavipathirana (2016). Assessment of Suitability of Anionic Synthetic Detergents in Sri Lanka, International Journal of scientific & Technology Research, 5(9), 140-142.
  4. S.K.Gunatilake (2016).Production of quality organic fertilizer using firewood ash and tea residues produced from tea factories in Sri Lanka, IOSR Journals in Applied Chemistry (IOSR-JAC), 9(8), 48-53.
  5. S.K.Gunatilake (2016). Quantity Improved Analysis of Composting Process: A Case Study in Western Province in Sri Lanka, Journal of Multidisciplinary Engineering Science and Technology, 3(4), 4500-4504.
  6. S.K.Gunatilake, S.S.Samaratunga and Folahan A. Adekola (2016). Effects of Binder on the Physico-chemical Properties and the Quality of Paracetamol Tablets, Der Pharma Chemica, CODEN(USA):PCHHAX, 8(4), 237-242.
  7. S.K.Gunatilake (2016). Adsorptive behaviour of Arsenic(III) ions from aqueous solution on to forestry and agricultural waste biochar pyrolyzed at 400°C, Sabaragamuwa University Journal, , 14(2), 108-118.
  8. S.K.Gunatilake (2016). Removal of Cr(III)Ions from Wastewater using Sawdust and Rice Straw Biochar Pyrolysed at Low Temperature, International Journal for Innovation Education and Research, 4(4), 44-54.
  9. S.K.Gunatilake (2015). Methods of removing heavy metals from industrial wastewater. Journal in multidisciplinary engineering science studies, 1(1), 12-18.
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  11. S.K.Gunatilake, S.S.Samaratunga and R.T.Rubasinghe (2014), Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) in Sri Lanka – Current Research Evidence Justification: A Review. Sabaragamuwa University Journal, 13(2), 31-58.
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  14. Gunatilake, S and Iwao, Y. (2010) A Comparison of Nitrate Distribution in Shallow Groundwater of Two Agricultural Areas in Sri Lanka and in Japan. Sabaragamuwa University Journal. 9(1), 81-95.
  15. Lekammudiyanse, L.M.M.U. and Gunatilake, S.K. (2010) Evaluation of the effectiveness of compost bin as a household water management technique: A case study in Gampaha Municipal Council Area, International Journal of Basic and Applied Sciences, 10(1)(1/6), 89-94.
  16. Gunatilake, S.K. and Iwao, Y. (2009) Geoenvironmental Assessment for Nitrate Pollution of Surface and Groundwater by Fertilization (A Study in Shiroishi Plain, Japan), International Journal of Civil and Environmental Engineering, 9(10), 12-19.