SUSL Staff Directory

Dr. HK Salinda Premadasa

Senior Lecturer

Research Interests

e-Learning, m-Learning, Educational theories, Social networks and education, Data communication and networks

Recent Publications

International peer-reviewed journals

  1. Premadasa H. K. S; Kapila Tharanga Rathnayaka R. M.; Waruni Thiranagama A.; Chaminda Niroshan Walpita (2018)., "Remodeling the educational usage of Facebook in smart-mobile age", Education and Information Technology, Springer Publication, 24(1), 41-61, DOI 
  2. Premadasa, H. K.S, and Meegama, R. G. N. (2016)., "Two-way text messaging: an interactive mobile learning environment in higher education", Research in Learning Technology, Taylor and Francis Publication24(1), 31818.
  3. Premadasa, H. K. S, and Gayan N. Meegama, R. (2013)., "Mobile learning environment with short messaging service: Application to a campus environment in a developing country", Campus-Wide Information Systems, Emerald Publication30(2), 106-123.

International conferences

  1. Dolawattha, D. D. M., Premadasa, H. K. S., Jayaweera, P., (2018, October)., "Modelling the Learner’s Perspectives on Mobile Learning in Higher Education", Proceedings of International Conference on Advances in ICT for Emerging Regions, IEEE
  2. Premadasa, H. K. S., and Meegama, R. G. N. (2013, April)., "Implementation of concatenated short messaging service in a campus environment" In Computer Science & Education (ICCSE), 2013 8th International Conference on (pp. 207-212). IEEE.
  3. Premadasa, H. K.S, and Meegama, R. G. N. (2013, December)., "Extensive compression of text messages in interactive mobile communication", In Advances in ICT for Emerging Regions (ICTer), 2013 International Conference on (pp. 80-83). IEEE.
  4. Premadasa, H. K. S., and Meegama, R. G. N. (2013)., "Transmission of Concealed Data in Short Messaging Service", National Conference on Technology & Management,(pp. 120-124), SLIIT, Colombo, Sri Lanka.
  5. Premadasa, H. K.S, and Meegama, R. G. N. (2012, December)., "Concealed data in two way text messaging: A framework for interactive mobile learning environment", In Advances in ICT for Emerging Regions (ICTer), 2012 International Conference on (pp. 122-128). IEEE.


  1. Priyanath, H. M. S., Premadasa, H. K. S., Malavipathirana, S., and Walpita, C. N., (2018), "Strength of Social Capital on Living Condition of CKDu Patients: A Case from Rideemaliyadda Area in Sri Lanka", International Conference on Chronic Kidney Disease of Unknown Etiology (CKDu): Current Aspects and Future Prospects, (pp 43).

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