SUSL Staff Directory

Miss JARC Sandaruwani

Lecturer (prob.)


Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Tourism, SUSL ( Reading)    

Bachelor of Science (BSc.) in Tourism Management, SUSL


Miss J.A.R.C. Sandaruwani is a Lecturer (Prob.) in Tourism and Hospitality Management attached to the Department of Tourism Management and specialized in teaching E-Tourism, Hospitality Management, and Hotel Housekeeping subjects. She is currently administer the position as the course coordinator for B.Sc. Honours in Hospitality Management degree programme in the department.

Research Interests

Sustainable Tourism, Cultural and Heritage Tourism, Service Automation in Tourism and Hospitality Industry


Recent Publications

  • Sandaruwani, J.A.R.C & Gnanapala, W.K.A.C. (2016). The Role of Tourist Guides and Their Impacts on Sustainable Tourism Development: A Critique on Sri Lanka. Tourism, Leisure and Global Change, Volume 3 (2016), p.TOC.62-73.
  • Sandaruwani, J.A.R.C & Gnanapala, W.K.A.C. (2016). Food Wastage and its Impacts on Sustainable Business Operations: A Study on Sri Lankan Tourist Hotels. Procedia Food Science, Volume 6 (2016), p 133 – 135.
  • Gnanapala, W.K.A.C. & Sandaruwani, J.A.R.C. (2016). Socio-economic Impacts of Tourism Development and Their Implications on Local Communities. International Journal of Economics and Business Administration, Vol. 2, No. 5, (2016), pp. 59-67.
  • Gnanapala, W.K.A.C. & Sandaruwani, J.A.R.C. (2016). Impacts of Tourism Development in Cultural and Heritage Sites in Sri Lanka. International Journal of Economics and Business Administration, Vol. 2, No. 6 (2016), pp. 68-78.
  • Jayasinghe M.K.D., Gnanapala W.K.A.C., & Sandaruwani J.A.R.C. (2015). Factors Affecting Tourists' Perception and Satisfaction in Nuwara Eliya, Sri Lanka. Ilorin Journal of Economic Policy, Vol.2 (2015), p 1-15.
  • Gnanapala, W.K.A.C., Dharmasiri, A.M.J.A. & Sandaruwani, J.A.R.C. (2016). Travel Motives, Perception and Satisfaction of Millennial Travellers: A Study in East Coast of Sri Lanka. Conference Proceedings of the 7th International Borneo Business Conference, held in University Malaysia Sabha, 07-08 September 2016, p 524-536.
  • Sandaruwani, J.A.R.C. (2016). Potential for Developing Belihuloya Area as a popular Tourist Destination. Conference Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences (ICPRD), held in the University of Ruhuna, 24-25 March 2016. p 50.
  • Sandaruwani, J.A.R.C. & Gnanapala, W.K.A.C. (2017). Impact of Tourism Operations in Spice Gardens for the Sustainable Tourism Development: A Case Study in Sri Lanka. Conference Proceedings of 6th International Conference of Sabaragamuwa University of Sri Lanka (ICSUSL-2017), held in the Grand Kandyan Hotel,Kandy, 03-05 May 2017.