SUSL Staff Directory

Mrs. Amanda Sajiwanie



BSc (Sp) (Hons) in Food Science & Technology

MPhil in Food Science & Technology

BSc (Sp) (Hons) in Food Science & Technology

MPhil in Food Science & Technology

Research Interests

Traditional and sustainable foods

Natural food additives

Food Analysis

Current Research Projects

Potential application of fruit peel powders as texture modifier and functional ingredient in fat and sugar free yoghurt.


Investigation of Nutritional, anti-nutritional and functional properties of selected local yams in Sri Lanka



Stability of pigment extracts of beet, spinach vine fruit and hibiscus flower as natural food colorants

Recent Publications

Original Research Article

  1. W. A. Sajiwani and R. M. U. S. K. Rathnayaka. 2016. Investigation of Nutritional Value of Selected Sri Lankan Traditional Root and Tubers. Sch. Acad. Biosci.,2016; 4(8):656-660

J. W. A. Sajiwani and R. M. U. S. K. Rathnayaka. 2014. Consumer perception on Genetically Modified Food in Sri Lanka. Advances in Research, Vol.2, issue:12, pp

Extended Abstract

Priyanka G., Nilushiny A.M.,and AmandaSajiwanie J.W. "Optimization of conditions in determining starch content of raw and boiled palmyrah (Borassus flabellifer .L.) seed shoot flour".2nd International research conference, Trincomalee campus, Eastern University, Sri Lanka. 13th-14th September, 2017.

Kobika C., Amanda Sajiwanie J.W. and Fernando M.S.C. "Determination of physical, chemical & sensory characteristics of Black tea in Nuwara Eliya region". 2017, FoodTechno2017 3rd Annual Research Session, IFSTL, Sri Lanka, 5th August 2017.


P.G.I Dias, R.M.U.S.K Rathnayake and J.W.A. Sajiwanie. "Influence of milk fat and added sugar content on texture profile of set yoghurts". 2018, IRSUWU 2018 2nd International research symposium, Uva Wellassa University, 1-2 February 2018.

J. W. A. Sajiwani and R. M. U. S. K. Rathnayaka."Nutritional, Antioxidant and Antimicrobial properties of Underutilized Yam Species Grown in Sri Lanka".2017, 7th Annual Research Session, SUSL, 13th December 2017.

S. M. A. T. Senadheera, J. W. A. Sajiwanie and U. De. Silva. “The effect of water quality on sediment formation in carbonated soft drinks”. 2014 4th Annual Research Session, SUSL, 14th December 2014.

A. Sajiwanie, A. L. C. J. Liyanage and K. Amarasinghe. “Use and optimization of GC-MS for the quantitative analysis of Melamine in powdered milk marketed in Sri Lanka”. (Accepted) 2009 EFFoST Conference, Budapest, Hangary. 11th -13th November 2009.

  1. Sajiwanie, L. C. J. Liyanage and K. Amarasinghe. “Quantitative analysis for the presence of Melamine in milk powder using GC-MS technique”. (Accepted) NZIFST Annual Conference, Christchurch, New Zealand. 23rd -25th June 2009.

J. W. A. Sajiwanie and P. S. Perera. “Study and comparison of nutritional values of Sri Lankan traditional rice varieties”. 65th Annual Scientific Sessions, SLAAS. 9th – 11th December 2009.



2010. 09. 01 (Wednesday), Lakbima, Article: “Paramparika leda suwakarana deshiya sahal warga” Author: Dr. S.P. Molligoda. In this paper article cited my research finding on traditional rice varieties.

Completed Research Projects

  • Nutritional quality and potential food applications of natural colorants existed in under exploited tuber and root grown in Sri Lanka
  • Quantitative analysis for the presence of Melamine in milk  Powder using GC-MS Technique.