SUSL Staff Directory

Mr. L. Malith M. De Silva

Lecturer (prob.)


 Bachelor of Science (Special) Degree in Applied Physics, Second Class Upper Division, Sabaragamuwa University of Sri Lanka, 2010-2014

Research Interests

-Dye Sensitized Solar Cells

-Effect of Sound on Biological Bodies

-Astro Physics

Recent Publications

International Journals:

     1.Zhibin Dai (戴智斌), Paula Szkody, Mark Kennedy, Jie Su (苏杰), N. Indika Medagangoda8, Edward L. Robinson, Peter M. Garnavich, and L. Malith M. De Silva, A Phenomenological Model for the   Light Curve of Three Quiescent Low-inclination Dwarf Novae and One Pre-cataclysmic Variable, The Astronomical Journals, Volume 156, Number 4

Conference Proceedings:

Full Papers

  1. L. M. M. De Silva, G.M.L.P. Aponsu, Vijanaka Fernando, J.C.N. Rajendra and V.P.S. Perera “Performance Of Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells Coated With An Ultra Thin  Layer Of Sio2 Around Sno2 Particles”, The Annual Academic Session - 2014, Open University of Sri Lanka.
  2. L. M. M. De Silva, G. M. L. P. Aponsu, V. P. S. Perera, I. K. Perera and A. C. P. K. Siriwardhana “Composite SnO2/ ZrO2 Dye-sensitized Photo Electrochemical Solar Cells”, The 16th Conference of the Science Council of Asia - 2016.
  3. De Silva L. M. M. , Bodhika J. A. P., Gunathilaka P. D. D. I., Aponsu G. M. L. P. “Designing of an Anechoic Chamber for Research Applications”, International Conference on Recent Advances in Engineering, Technology and Science -2018, Bengaluru, India.


  1. S. M. Samaranayake, H. M. B. I. Gunathilaka, T. L. Dammalage, A. A. C. N. Atapattu & L. M. M. De Silva, "Determination of a Better Place for a Solar Park Using Remote Sensing Data", The 7th Annual Research Session, Sabaragamuwa University of Sri Lanka.
  2.  Kumara P.A.M.M, De Silva L. M. M. & Aponsu G. M. L. P., "Effect of Sound on the Staphylococcous Aureus Baterium", 5th Ruhuna International Science  and Technology Conference - 2018, Ruhuna University of Sri Lanka.  
  3.  Dharmathilaka J. A. D. M., De Silva L. M. M. & Aponsu G. M. L. P., "Effect of Sound frequencies of 500 Hz, 20 kHz, and 75 kHz on the growth ofgreen gram plants", 5th Ruhuna International Science and Technology Conference - 2018, Ruhuna University of Sri Lanka.