SUSL Staff Directory

Dr. K.P.N Jayasena

Senior Lecturer



  • P.hD in  Computer Science and Engineering-Wuhan University of Technology, China (2018)
  • M.Sc in Computer Science and Engineering- Wuhan University of Technology, China (2015)
  • B.Sc ( Hons) in Information Technology – Sri Lanka Institute of  Information Technology, Sri Lanka  ( 2010)

Membership of Professional Bodies/Associations

  • Computer Society of Sri Lanka (CSSL), Member - Since 2015

Research Interests

  • Cloud Computing
  • Big Data analyzing
  • Computer Networking
  • Data Mining

Recent Publications

A) Full papers published in indexed journals

  • K. P. N. Jayasena, Lin Li, Qing Xie:Multi-modal Multimedia Big Data Analyzing Architecture and Resource Allocation on Cloud Platform. Neurocomputing 253: 135-143 (2017)

B)Full papers published in non-indexed refereed journals

  • K.P.N Jayasena, "How Can Cloud Computing Bridge the Digital Divide in Sri Lankan Education", International Journal of Scientific Knowledge.Volume 1 Issue 4, Dec 2012

C) Publication as conference proceedings in National and International Conferences

  • K.P.N Jayasena, Lin Li, Mohamed Abd Elaziz and Shengwu Xiong: Multi-objective Energy Efficient Resource Allocation using Virus Colony Search(VCS) algorithm. 19th IEEE International Conference on High Performance Computing and Communications(HPCC 2018).

  • K.P.N Jayasena, Lin Li, Mohamed Abd Elaziz and Shengwu Xiong: Optimizing the Energy Efficient VM Consolidation by Multi-Objective Algorithms. IEEE 22nd International Conference on Computer Supported Cooperative Work in Design (CSCWD 2018).

  • Dissanayake, D. M. C., and K. P. N. Jayasena. "A cloud platform for big IoT data analytics by combining batch and stream processing technologies." Information Technology Conference (NITC), 2017 National. IEEE, 2017.

  • K. P. N. Jayasena, Huazhu Song: Private Cloud with e-Learning for Resources Sharing in University Environment. eLEOT 2016: 169-180

  • K.P.N Jayasena, Huazhu Song” Overview of the Cloud Computing for Big Data” International Research Conference 2014, General Sir John Kotelawala Defence University, 2014
  • K.P.N. Jayasena, M.A.S.D. Perera, M.D.W. Srimal, T.G.S.D. Gunawardena, and D.C.L. Solangarachchi, Intelligent Wheelchair, in e-Asia 2009 conference, Dec 2-4, Sri Lanka

D) Publication as abstract in National and International Conferences

  • K.P.N Jayasena “Parallel computing with cloud technology platform”, First International Symposium- 2014(WINC) Wayamba University of Sri Lanka, 2014

E) Publication as Books/ Chapters

  • Jayasena, K. P. N., and Huazhu Song. "Private Cloud with e-Learning for Resources Sharing in University Environment." E-Learning, E-Education, and Online Training: Third International Conference, eLEOT 2016, Dublin, Ireland, August 31–September 2, 2016, Revised Selected Papers. Springer International Publishing, 2017.